6ix9ine - Gooba

fter a long hiatus from the music scene, American rapper, 6ix9ine has finally released his new single titled "Gooba"

Things get even dirtier, as a drenched 6ix9ine switches up the flow midway through the record. "They say, 'Been hot, way before coronavirus' / N-a who did that, n-a who did what, that's my sh-t, don't bite it," he raps.

Shot and directed by 6ix9ine himself, "Gooba" is a colourful, conspicuous ride, which also features his girlfriend Jade. With his rainbow hair intact, 6ix9ine tackles his adversaries with fury on the bombastic track. "N-s wanna chase clout, but I am clout," he insists on the record.

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