Samsung Mocks Kindle Fire, iPad & Surface In Galaxy Pro Tablet Series Commercial

Samsung Mocks Kindle Fire, iPad & Surface In Galaxy Pro Tablet Series Commercial

Oh, you poor Luddite, with your keyboard, battery dock and mouse. You call that a tablet? It’s positively Neanderthal. And that iPad? Why can’t it do two things at once? Let’s not even get started on the Kindle, because that dinosaur only lets you read books.

That’s the tart, smug and rather effective message in a new ad that will air on national television for Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro on March 19. The spot not only shows the souped-up tablet's capabilities (multitask, mainly), but also casts aspersions on other leading devices on the market.

The commercial, which advertises a trio of new Galaxy Pro tablets, comes from agency McKinney. It continues the finger-wagging at competitors for having bulkier products with lower-quality visuals, a quality present in its previous ads. Its tagline: "It can do that?"

People who use lesser gadgets will have to defend them, the ad says, but not without being the target of colleagues' withering stares. Even if your device has the “retina thingy,” it’s still a hunk of junk — according the patronizing looks from folks in the ad.

Samsung tried a similar approach in 2011, when ads for the Galaxy S2 successfully punctured the iPhone's air of inevitability. Now, it's taking on more rivals, including the lowly Surface, to try the same trick with tablets.

The ad comes in the same month that Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres used the Samsung Galaxy Note to snap what would become the most retweeted selfie in current history, giving the brand a massive PR and exposure boost.


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