Offset & Cardi B - Jealousy

Offset & Cardi B - Jealousy

Cardi B and Offset have certainly dealt with accusations of cheating during their five years of marriage, and it looks like they're united in how they feel about "Jealousy." The couple's new collab, which samples Three 6 Mafia's "Jealous Ass Bitches," seems to suggest that outside parties need to focus on their own affairs. "You offended when I be on defense," Cardi raps. "They too worried 'bout me and my n-a / You should worry about that n-a yours sleep with, mm." The cover art for the track shows Cardi pushing Offset away in an homage to Jody and Yvette's infidelity-marked relationship in the 2001 movie Baby Boy. Taraji P. Henson, who played Yvette, even makes a cameo in the music video (as do all of Offset's children).

Ahead of the song's release, Cardi shared a teaser in which she calls Henson up to vent about how people will believe anyone who claims that Offset has cheated on her ... just because of the pesky little fact that he has done it before. As her husband channels Jody by banging on the window, Cardi concludes, "Fuck love." Offset also posted his own promo clip, a parody of a 1988 interview where James Brown refused to answer questions about being arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. Jamie Lee Curtis starred as the news anchor who is similarly unsuccessful at getting Offset to address any "drama" with his wife. "Let's talk about some music!" he suggests instead.

In case you haven't been keeping up with their on-and-Off(set) relationship, here's a quick rundown: Cardi married the Migos rapper less than a year after their first date in February 2017. She stuck by her man despite rumors that he was cheating, and they went on to have their first child together. They broke up and got back together in 2018. Cardi filed for divorce in 2020 amid reports that Offset allegedly cheated again, but they reconciled within a month. The couple had their second child together in 2021. In June, Offset publicly accused Cardi of cheating, which she denied. Whew! No matter what happens next, at least they'll always have this new music - to remember their relationship by.

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