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Movie: Broken Contract (2018)

But before long, Max is blinded by his newfound power and his family finds him spinning off the rails as the body count piles up.

Video: Watch Every Generation of iPhone Get Drop Tested

Well, not all of them, as the plasticky iPhone 3GS was the only one whose screen survived the face-down drop, but its first impact with the ground was actually with the side, and then it plopped with the screen down, so that wouldn't count as survival.

Video: WWE RAW (Aug-14-2017) Highlights

Neville locked Tozawa in the Rings Of Saturn then had it reversed for a very close two-count. He then went up for the Red Arrow but missed when Tozawa moved. Tozawa then delivered a top rope senton bomb - his third of the match - for the victory.

Video: WWE SmackDown (Aug-1-2017) Highlights

The referee counted the pinfall against Owens, even though Owens' shoulder was up during the count. - Backstage, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were talking to the referee when Owens interrupted and went after the ref.