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Movie: Blindspot Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - Warning Shot

A surprising visit from Nas leads the team to investigate a dangerous piece of technology that was stolen from the NSA. Roman and Blake grow closer as they attend a high-stakes poker game. Blindspot Season 3, Episode 13 - Warning Shot Airdate: Mar 2, 2018

Movie: Blindspot Season 4 Episode 1 (S04E01) - Hella Duplicitous

The team learns that Jane is slowly dying from being poisoned, but they don't know Remi is back; one of the symptoms of the poisoning -- hallucinations -- has her seeing Roman, who indulges Remi's darkest desires. Blindspot Season 4, Episode 1 - Hella Duplicitous

Blindspot Season 5 Episode 6 (S05E06) - Fire & Brimstone

When Ice Cream, the Icelandic fixer, returns to collect his debt, the team is forced into a life-and-death race around the world to solve a series of puzzles and recover the infamous stolen Gardner paintings. Blindspot Season Number: 5 Episode Number: 6 Episode

Movie: Blindspot Season 3 Episode 19 (S03E19) - Galaxy of Minds

The team must partner with an oddball conspiracy theorist in order to stop a deadly weapon from getting into Crawford's hands. Meanwhile, Roman struggles maintain his personal life with Blake while completing a series of secret missions. Blindspot Season 3

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