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Yoruba Movie: Tokunbo (2019)

Series of events unfolds at the arrival of a young lady to Nigeria, "Tokunbo is a comic filled movie that will keep you glued to your sit.

Yoruba Movie: Remilekun (2019)

A charming and admirable young man who couldn't trust his actions, addictions and characters writes a will in favour of whom to trust. Will his action go down the lane as expected. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Igida (2019)

An aged woman will do anything to discourage her grandchild from threading her line of profession even if it means going against a sacred oath and revealing her darkest secret. An emotional and captivating movie.

Yoruba Movie: Ela (2019)

The death of a philanthropist throws all his beneficiaries off balance as he contributed a lot to the society and was solely responsible for most of their needs. At his burial ceremony, a revelation came that seven people would need to die alongside him just

Yoruba Movie: Imole (2019)

John takes his fiance home and made his intention to marry her know to his family but she was rejected. After much persuasion to his family which was not yielded, his fiance decided to shed light on why his entire family has rejected her by expose them one

Yoruba Movie: Kotoo (2019)

In times where giving out naive young girls to an early child marriage to a man old enough to be her father for various reasons has been the order of the day while neglecting the fact that a dream is being shattered, crushed and put into a lifetime damage

Yoruba Movie: Akorede (2019)

There's more than meets the eye when Akorede, an intelligent and hardworking young man chooses to love a woman whose identity cannot be revealed over a beautiful lady who would go to the of the earth to have him to herself. This act raises lots of curiosity

Yoruba Movie: Adura (2019)

Dele and Oyinkansola became friends while trying to save their mothers from the wrath of money lenders. They both got married and becomes money lenders too leaving everyone in astonishment.

Yoruba Movie: Kitan (2019)

Bolaji gets a call from the Police to come identify an accident victim whose last call has Bolaji's contact number. On getting there, Bolaji finds the corpse to be his wife whom he left at home. He gets home to find his wife again but Bolaji never remained

Yoruba Movie: Manama (2019)

Living with her mysterious way of life, Nike has been a blessing to a few people she come across with but unfortunately, she's unaware of the uncertainties that lies ahead of her life and her relationship with Debo. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Wokilumo (2019)

Desperate measures calls for measures actions. Series of events unfolds in the lives of different individuals when a few young men faced with life challenges evoke some supernatural beings in their quest for survival.

Yoruba Movie: Ojelu (2019)

A story that mirrors on the societal happening among the politicians, their aspirations in getting the mantle of leadership at all cost. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Ilara (2019)

How do you explain the over possessiveness and envy of a family man towards his respectful and loyal wife. An eye openers to the struggles of some married women. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Ajulo (2019)

A darkness suddenly swirls the happy home of chief Williams. All efforts to have a solution to their plight proved abortive. Who or what is responsible for their dilemma. Find out more.

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