Billie Eilish - my future

If anyone could take her career to the next level during lockdown, it's Billie Eilish. The Los Angeles wunderkind attained superstardom, after all, with an album she made at home with her brother and producer Finneas. She'd go on to prove herself on arena stages and at awards shows, but Eilish is a spirit of the threshold, making very private music that appeals to millions, and she does it again with the sophisticated, sweet single "My Future," released tonight.

Coming a week after announcing that she will be dropping a new song, "My Future" is an ode to learning to accept herself. 

"I'm in love with my future / Can't wait to meet her / And I'm in love, but not with anybody else / Just want to get to know myself," she muses in the evocative melody, paying tribute to her personal growth and independence.

Hear the song below.

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