Music: Rema - BENIN BOYS (feat. Shallipopi)

Rema - BENIN BOYS (feat. Shallipopi)
BENIN BOYS (feat. Shallipopi)

While proudly representing the glorious city of Benin, Rema and Shallipopi have churned out a banger aptly titled Benin Boys, and it's their first-ever collaboration.

Rema and Shallipopi, two superstars with Benin City roots, have joined forces for the electrifying tune, Benin Boys. The much-expected collaboration marks their first time working together, and hopefully, a sign of more to come.

Co-produced by Rema himself alongside Producer X, Benin Boys is a celebration of Benin City, its people and their rich heritage. As expected, Rema and Shallipopi switch into braggadocio mode, boasting about the steeze, swagger and success of a "Benin Boy." It's marvellous to see the impact Edo Boys are making on the world stage, a joy to behold.


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