Music: Victony - Stubborn (with Asake)

Victony - Stubborn (with Asake)
Stubborn (with Asake)

Victony's tenacity radiates beauty. After everything he's been through, especially the harrowing accident in 2021 that left him temporarily paralyzed, he's utterly unwilling to be defined by his struggles. This resilient spirit, this beautiful "stubbornness," is the driving force behind his brand new single, aptly titled Stubborn.

The song is a powerful declaration of Victony's refusal to back down. He's not just surviving, he's thriving, and his music reflects that. Lines like "Me I no dey hear word o, I stubborn, me I no fit be your idolo, I stubborn" lay it all bare - Victony is on his own path, determined by his own will.

Produced by the collaborative force of Westen Weiss, 1Mind, and KTIZO, Stubborn is a beautifully crafted piece.


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