Music: Guchi - Blood Tonic

Guchi - Blood Tonic
Blood Tonic

Guchi is set to tug at the heartstrings of fans once again with "Blood Tonic", a poignant ballad that explores the need for authentic love and connection. Produced by a new collaborator called Z3na, we see the purple-branded pop star embracing vulnerability as she pours her heart out in a tribute to a partner who offers unwavering support and understanding. Unlike her preceding single, Guchi's latest track endorses a lover she believes is intentional, compassionate and good for her.

"I've been drinking more alcohol recently..." is an outstanding line from "Leave me now" but the reverse is the case in "Blood Tonic". She confesses sobriety - not of the conventional kind, but the kind that blossoms in the presence of unconditional love. "Blood Tonic" sheds light on the profound impact of genuine love and acceptance. Brandishing her weapons of emotive storytelling and stirring melody, Guchi outdoes herself with a song that listeners can almost touch and taste.

Guchi recognizes the pattern of constantly being distracted by the happy memories made with this special person she refers to as her soldier. She believes this is proof of how smitten she has become in this precious relationship. She likens this person's effect to that of a blood tonic; fortifying, supplementing and improving the quality of her life.

Blood Tonic is available for streaming and download on all preferred digital music platforms.


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