Music: iLLBLiSS - Chukwu Ebuka (feat. Umu Obiligbo)

iLLBLiSS - Chukwu Ebuka (feat. Umu Obiligbo)
Chukwu Ebuka (feat. Umu Obiligbo)

Venerable Nigerian rapper, Illbliss unveils his latest musical offering, a resounding new single entitled Chukwu Ebuka.

Collaborating on this auditory piece are the talented highlife duo, Umu Obiligbo, whose melodic prowess seamlessly intertwines with Illbliss's lyrical finesse, creating a sonic landscape that is as rich and diverse as the artists themselves. The union of Illbliss and Umu Obiligbo is more than a collaboration; it offers listeners a musical experience that is both captivating and distinctive.

As the title suggests, Chukwu Ebuka is a celebration of the divine, a melodic expression of gratitude and reverence. Illbliss, true to his form, takes the reins with his signature flow, infusing the track with a potent blend of braggadocio that highlights the opulence, resilience, sophistication, and brilliance of his squad. Each verse becomes a canvas upon which Illbliss paints a vivid picture of not just his own journey but also the collective triumphs of those he represents.

The musical canvas of Chukwu Ebuka is expertly crafted by the talented beatmaker, Skitter, whose production lays the foundation for the lyrical prowess to flourish. The beats resonate with a rhythmic precision that accentuates Illbliss's delivery, creating a symbiotic relationship between words and music.

This release stands as Illbliss's first official single for the year 2023 in the capacity of a lead artist. It serves as a testament to the artist's enduring relevance, adaptability, and commitment to delivering music that resonates with audiences.

Chukwu Ebuka isn't merely a song; it is a declaration-a declaration of gratitude, resilience, and an unwavering belief in the divine forces that guide and guard.


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