How to Download From NetNaija


We've been getting numerous questions through 2018 about how to download from Netnaija and we thought it's high time we wrote this article to explain to new visitors how to download from Netnaija. (and it's file hosting website, use pop-up adverts to generate revenue to cover the costs of keeping them online and pay mainteners and contributors.

Pop-up adverts used on our services are simply advertisement which are invisible to visitors but are triggered when a user interacts with the web page (for example, clicks anywhere).

These adverts like any other advertisement format we use are free of any malware and are not harmful to you or your device in anyway.

Here's how you download,

1. Click to dismiss the H.265 notice (doesn't apply to all movies). At this point, either you're shown the download button or pop-up ad kicks in displaying an advertisement in another tab instead.

Note: You might have to repeat No. 1 until you are shown the download button.

2. Click the "Download" button.

3. You'll now be taken to the main download page.

4. Proceed to click "Download" on this main download page. (You might encounter pop-up ads here too, you simply apply the logic of No. 1 by repeating your click action until your download starts).

Note to Opera Mini Users:

Please change your Data Savings mode to "High" or "Off" as Sabishare does not function properly with the "Extreme" mode and your clicks/touches on the download button might not be recognised.

Here is a video illustration.

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