Young war hero Angus `Mac' MacGyver has an extraordinary knack for unconventional problem solving and an extensive bank of scientific knowledge that he believes can best be put to use saving lives, both of which come in handy when he creates a clandestine organization within the United States government to tackle high-risk missions around the world. Working under the sponsorship of the Department of External Affairs, MacGyver quietly prevents disasters with the help of former CIA agent Jack Dalton.

Show Type: Scripted

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Stars: Lucas Till, George Eads, Tristin Mays

Premiere: Sep 23, 2016

Recent Episodes

S05E15 Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal (Season Finale)

S05E14 H2O + Orthophosphates + Mission City + Corrosion + Origins

S05E13 Barn Find + Engine Oil + La Punzonatura + Lab Rats + Tachometer

S05E12 Royalty + Marriage + Vivaah Sanskar + Zinc + Henna

S05E11 C8H7ClO + Nano-Trackers + Resistance + Maldives + Mind Games


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