The Messenger (2018)

There is power in the tongue of a man, whatever you proclaim shall come to pass. You cannot stop it, the more you try, the stronger it becomes. This unprecedented movie takes us into the world of two lovely sisters Elizabeth(Oge Okoye) and Jenny(Chizzy Alichi) who were not just sisters but best of friends until anger and hatred made one of them swore to make her sisters life a living hell. Watch and learn as the movie unfolds.

STARRING: Ken Erics, Chizzy Alichi, Amarachi Igidimbah, Oge Okoye, Harry B. Anyanwu,

PRODUCER: Amarachi Igidimbah.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Esabienlen O. Kingsley.

DIRECTOR: Onyeka Ikechi.

YEAR: 2018

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