Mortal Vengeance (2018) Part 2

Mortal Vengeance (2018) Part 2

Quite unbelievable but it's true. Why is the world so cruel? The heart of man is so wicked, full of evil and full of iniquity. I have had my share of the torments and tasted their venom. My heart is broken and shattered. Pain is unthinkable. Will it ever wash away, will it ever fade away or will it last forever? Find out yourself.

STARRING: Sylvester Madu, Angela Okorie, Nkechi Nweje Winifred, Fessa B. Okafor, Magnate Ngerem.


DIRECTOR: Magnate Ngerem.

COMPANY: Diamond Movies Ind. Ltd. Production.

YEAR: 2018


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