Lion Hunters

This is an enthralling movie that explores intrigues, mysteries, supernatural powers and human frailties.

The movie takes us to a certain community that welcomed the presence of two mysterious women Sali( Oge Aneke) and Tubu (Racheal Okonkwo) whom everyone believes are sent by the gods to help the people. But the sad reality is that these mysterious women have come with a more dangerous mission using their super natural powers, to silently wreck and destroy the lives of innocent people who approach them for help.

Interestingly, the fate of the entire community lies in the hands of two little children Iga (Chinedu Ikedieze) and Agari (Osita Iheme) endowed with supernatural powers. The battle between the mystery women and these children is beyond that of the physical realm.

Cast: Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Chinyere Wilfred, Mac Smith Ochendo, Racheal Okonkwo, Oge Aneke and Nichole Banna
Producer: Chiemelie Nwonu Mishack
Director: Amayo Uzo Philip
Company: D Blessed Mishack Production Ltd
Year: 2016

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