Priestess of Fire

This movie is strongly built on intrigues, love, enmity, jealousy, lies, deceit, truth, evil manipulations and abuse of power and authority. When an evil man is desperate to achieve his selfish and evil desires, he can go extra miles not minding whose ox is gored.

Here the mighty king of a certain community is determined to get the greatest warrior of his Kingdom, ishaka to marry his only daughter Ijeoma inorder to satisfy his selfish desires. Having seen how difficult achieving this presents, he seeks the help of the most evil sorcerer, Ijele, who is known for her evil manipulations and causing wrecks upon the lives of many who stood her way.

Cast: Don Brymo, Racheal Okonkwo, Chinenye Ubah, Jentle Jack, Zenab Egwuonwu, Chinyere Madubike, Chigozie Okoli and Collins Ejike.
Producer: Justine M Akudinobi
Director: IIochi Olisaemeka
Company: Destiny Movies International


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