Ghana vs Nigeria Jollof

Professor Johnbull advocates integration between Nigeria, Ghana

From the colonial times through to post independence era, the 'superiority' rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria has remained legendary. The competitions between the two nations are in many facets and are at times healthy and in other cases unhealthy.

Interestingly, the two countries are the leading lights of West Africa. But then, is such rivalry necessary in the first instance?

The answer to the relevance or otherwise of the Ghana-Nigeria "contests" is the main thrust of this week's episode of the TV drama series, Professor Johnbull. The episode is entitled Ghana versus Nigeria Jollof.

Described as "deeper, sharper and silent rivalry" by the protagonist of the series, Professor Johnbull, acted by Kanayo O. Kanayo, two Ghanaian actresses, Martha Ankoma and Salma Mumin, feature in a battle over which of the countries has better gastronomic expertise, just as Nje (Angela Okorie) collaborate with Jumoke (Bidemi Kosoko) and Jeroboam (Osita Iheme) to represent Nigeria in the "contest".

Ghana versus Nigeria Jollof presents humour in its raw state to the viewers of the series as the philanderer of the sitcom, Flash (Stephen Odimgbe), pitches tent with his new Ghanaian girlfriend, Ajuwa (Martha Ankoma), with the series' restaurateur, Olaniyi (Yomi Fash-Lanso), expectedly throwing his support behind Nje.

Does Jumoke lose out completely in the "contest" for Flash, whom she describes as "a Nigerian jollof, garnished and seasoned for the consumption of Nigerian ladies only?"  Is Salma Mumin's presumption that jollof rice originated from Senegal because of the homophonic rendition of Wolof (a tribe in Senegal) and jollof right?

Is there any basis for the Ghana-Nigeria superiority complex? What has tribe got to do with whether a man or a woman will make a better spouse or not? How does Professor Johnbull resolve the culinary contest between Ghana jollof rice and Nigeria jollof rice? Who wins at the end of the "contest"?

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