Married to the Family

Titled Married to the Family, the drama enumerates African values and peculiarities of the institution of marriage which goes beyond the two individuals involved, extending to the families of the couple.

Globacom said: "The tensions in many homes today are caused by the African man's concept of marriage and its requirements. Africa's world view about marriage is no doubt fantastic. However, there are some inherent excesses in the world and these excesses are, to a greater extent, inimical to the peace in many homes. The roles of in-laws in making or marring homes cannot be wished away. This is why every individual desirous of a tension-free home should book a date with Married to the Family."

According to the company, "what the institution of marriage is and how to avoid making 'our wife syndrome' become a slave reality", is what the new episode espouses .

Professor Johnbull, acted by the Nollywood veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo, presents an opportunity to define a healthy marriage while making a case against in-laws' interference in the marriages of his neighbours.

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