House Girl Warriors

Mercy Johnson counsels househelps in new episode of Professor JohnBull.

The new episode of the comic and didactic TV drama series, Professor Johnbull, is a must watch for all viewers of the sitcom as the episode treats yet another topical issue, neighbourhood robbery.

In the episode entitled "Housegirl Warrior", viewers will be guided through the tactics employed by loafers in neighbourhoods, especially in the organised housing units commonly known as estates, who specialise in targeting vulnerable female househelps with the intention of burgling the maids' masters' houses.

The episode, though as comical and hilarious as every other episode before it, employs the literary device of verisimilitude (true to life events) to draw attention to an issue that has caused many families their entire life savings and unquantifiable agonies.

Housegirl Warrior exposes graphically the antics of these 'neigbourhood Casanovas', who use flattery and fake promises to buy househelps expensive gift items to glean information about their masters from them before dealing the deadly blow. Some of these lover-boys, the episode shows, get the househelps pregnant and disappear thereafter, just as many of them renege on the sweet promises they made while "courting" the maids.

In Housegirl Warrior also, Caro (Mercy Johnson-Okojie) shows that she has been positively influenced by her years in the household of the scholar, Professor Johnbull, as she successfully wards off one of the pretentious lovers and saves Johnbull's family the agony of being robbed by one of the rampaging housegirl warriors.

Caro also refuses once again to yield to the love advances from Olaniyi, who also in the episode professes his undying love for her and practically walks off a neigbourhood predator, a housegirl warrior, who comes around to ask for a date from Caro.

One highlight of the new episode is the reversal of roles between Professor Johnbull and Caro as it deviates from the usual pattern of Professor Johnbull giving the didactic conclusion. The role is conferred on Caro who, considering her level of exposure, delivers the message brilliantly.