My Pikin Don Hammer

The prevailing insecurity in the society today and the legion of criminal acts and venal practices common in our society is as a result of the tendency of the people to get rich by all means possible. When a society fails to inculcate moral value on its people, the result can be catastrophic and we are more than convinced that if the society interrogates every facet of the lifestyles of its people, it will be better off. "My Pikin Don Hammer" is a call to action and we are confident that the viewing public will find the episode moralistic enough.

The presence of the Na Who I Go Ask crooner, Omawumi Megbele, who makes a cameo appearance in the episode, is the icing on the cake for "My Pikin Don Hammer" episode.

In the episode, viewers will be confronted with posers such as: why do ladies of nowadays love money? Should people be celebrated for their ostentatious living without questioning their source of wealth? How many parents query their children's wealth these days? What should be the attitude of the public to those who suddenly become wealthy without any visible means of livelihood? How relevant is the axiom that all that glitters is not gold?