Heart Of A Wife (Pt. 1) [Starr. Emma Ehumadu, Zubby Michael, Chris Okorondu, Quincy Onwuka, Merenma Umeh, Prince U. Onwuka]

This masterpiece takes a tour into a particular community, where Achilles (Emma Ehumadu) a very powerful and ruthless leader continues to unleash enormous terror on his subjects by maltreating them, selling them into slavery to foreigners and ultimately making his entire subjects play the second fiddle to him. To save their community from their terrible bondage in the hands of Achilles, a young lady known as Adaife (Merenma Umeh) soon sketches a very perfect plan to be executed by Nnamdi (Zubby Micheal), the youth leader and his assistant. They must either succeed in their plan or have the entire community doomed forever.

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