Weeping Angel (Pt. 4) [Starr. Emeka Enyiocha, Chacha Eke Fanni, Onyi Michael, Uchechukwu Nnolim, Precious Chukwueke Boma Arinyedokiari]

This movie is a wonderfully created masterpiece that will mesmerism all. Ifeoma (Chacha Eke Fanni) and Dozie (Onyi Micheal) had their paths crossed by an unexpected circumstance; and there marked the beginning of an undiluted love affair for the two. Ifeoma's presence in dozie's life soon ushered in uncountable blessings for dozie and his poverty stricken family. Suddenly, Osita (Emeka Enyiocha) the hopeless elder brother of Dozie, comes back after a hopeless journey of seven years and incidentally becomes the bearer of unending complication, humiliation, bitterness, agony and finally a huge catastrophe to Ifeoma and Dozie.

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