One Wish (2020)

It is not what you say, or wish, or hope, or intend that determines your life rather, it is only what you do and the actions you take that counts. Philip (Frederick Leonard) is being kidnapped on his way to marry Somto (Osasu Esemuede) just three months after breaking up with Naomi (Dolly Nwaduba), his long time girlfriend and lover whom he promised to be with forever. Watch as events unfold in this exceptional movie.

STARRING: Frederick Leonard, Dolly Nwaduba, Darlington Oparah, Ada Karl, Osasu Esemuede, Desmond Ken.

PRODUCED BY: Dolly Nwaduba

DIRECTED BY: Tchidi Chikere

COMPANY: M.S.F.M Records

YEAR: 2020


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