Blood of The King (2020)

Having selfish and greedy people around is indeed a painful affair. They project the real world through their actions and behavior. Merinda (Mary Igwe) is a beautiful and sexy lady who after a one-night stand affair with Prince Ikem (Stanley Nze) decided to have him all to herself. But seeing that the prince is not interested in her again, decided to up her quest by going after the king. Is her interest in the royal family just for wealth and status or does she have another mission? Find out in this wonderful royal masterpiece.

STARRING: Stephen Odimgbe, Mary Igwe, Stanley Nze, Obi Okoli, Esther Iken, Ehgujovwo Nelly Ochuko.

PRODUCED BY: Esther Iken.

DIRECTED BY: Don Single Ndubuisi (DGN).

COMPANY:  Estty Movies.

YEAR: 2020.

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