My Sister's Love (2019) (Part 3)

This striking epic movie presents the plight of the great Amuda Community. It was a festival of death as every daughter of the community that gets married loses her child at birth. It was a strange calamity that left the community in great confusion. But  the eyes that sees the burning fire and refuses to cry will be consumed by the burning fire.

Watch as events unfolds...

STARRING: Destiny Etiko, Norbert Waski Oguegbu, Chizzy Alichi, ThankGod Anozie, Joy Helen.

PRODUCER/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Anthony Okechukwu Nwatu, Munachiso Nwatu, Uchechukwu Philomena Nwatu.

DIRECTOR: Obinna Ukaeze.

COMPANY: Great World Movies.

YEAR: 2019