Zinoleesky - A1 (Feeling Disorder)

Zinoleesky - A1 (Feeling Disorder)

In response to the overwhelming demand from his fans, Nigerian singer Zinoleesky has recently unveiled his latest single titled "A1 (Feeling Disorder)." The new release comes hot on the heels of Zinoleesky's Instagram posts that generated an astounding 120K comments, demonstrating the immense anticipation surrounding his new music.

"A1 (Feeling Disorder)" presents a fresh and daring side of Zinoleesky's artistry, as he fearlessly incorporates explicit lyrics throughout the track. Produced by his frequent collaborator, Niphkeys, the song boasts a distinct sound that showcases Zinoleesky's versatility and creativity. With his unique vocal style and infectious melodies, Zinoleesky delivers a captivating performance that is bound to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

To complement the release, Zinoleesky has also unveiled a visually captivating music video for the song, directed by the highly acclaimed TG Omori. Known for his artistic vision and ability to bring songs to life through visuals, TG Omori creates a captivating visual narrative that perfectly aligns with the energy and theme of the track. The music video serves as a visual feast, enhancing the overall experience and further solidifying Zinoleesky's status as a proper entertainer.

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