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These Five Homemade Toners Will Help You Combat Oily Skin

The rose water works as a mild hydrating agent and also soothes irritated skin. The anti-inflammatory rose water can also be used to get rid of puffiness under your eyes. How To Use: Pour 2 tablespoons of rose water into a spray bottle.

10 Easy Steps To Get A Clear Skin

Not enough sleep over a period of time will result in problems that are hard to cure such as loose skin under the eyes and dark circles. 5. The food you eat is of the utmost importance for healthy, clear skin!

Doctors Seek Law Regulating Bleaching Cream

Medical doctors under the aegis of the Nigerian Association of Dermatologists, say they have begun the process of meeting with some lawmakers at the National Assembly in order to formulate laws that will regulate the manufacture and use of bleaching
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