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Video: Twyse Ereme Comedy - Taofeek Goes To Heaven

Twyse Ereme releases a new video - one where Taofeek gets sent to "Heaven" by his fathers slap after Tao laughed at a savage response from his mom directed at the dad. Watch and find out Tao's experience with the angels he met in heaven.

Video: Twyse Ereme & KlintonCod - The Surgeons

Twyse Ereme and KlintonCod presents a new episode of their collaborative comedy video. This is is titled "The Surgeons" and sees both comedians playing the roles of surgeons Dr. Cut and Dr. Slice. Watch and enjoy.

Video: Twyse Ereme - Yahoo Yahoo Gone Wrong

In this new comedy skit by Twyse Ereme, Tobi is convinced by his father to venture into internet fraud. What happens when Tobi finally "hammers"? What happens when he is caught? Watch the video to find out. Most importantly, don't miss the lesson!