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How young man was caught trying to use his mum for ritual

The university got to know and expelled the boys. What happened after I do not know. But i know nobody was arrested. I know it sounds like a nollywood movie. I never would've believed this story if it didn't happen so close to me.

I used to be a chronic stammerer - IK Ogbonna

I focused on my appearance in that movie and all the girls that like fine boys liked that one. What are the challenges you faced starting up? I was a very chronic stammerer; I had to hit my foot on the floor before I could complete a sentence.

Should I tell my husband that my sister is actually my daughter?

I currently live in the UK and I am married to the most loving guy that I can ever think of, trust me I have been around so I know the attribute of the word "most loving guy" though all is not perfect at the moment but the dilemma now is that I am stuck between

I will act NUDE if Nollywood was Hollywood - Ijeoma Imoh

I have got a time-table. So thank I God that my course is not related to calculation. And I chose to do part because it will enable me to go out there and do my thing. With this, I don’t need to attend lectures. I can go online to search for materials.