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Movie: The Flash Season 3 Episode 9 (S03E09) - The Present

As Christmas arrives, the team discovers Alchemy's identity. Jay travels from Earth 3 to lend the team a hand against Savitar, while Joe forbids Wally from helping. The Flash Season 3, Episode 9 - The Present Air Date: Dec 6, 2016

Movie: The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 (S04E09) - Don't Run

and her friend when Amunet abducts Caitlin while Thinker captures Flash. Meanwhile, Caitlin meets a new metahuman, and Thinker unveils the next stage of his plan. The Flash Season 4, Episode 9 - Don't Run Airdate: Dec 5, 2017

Movie: The Flash Season 5 Episode 9 (S05E09) - Elseworlds, Part 1

they can solve the mystery of the mind-swap, the heroes have to take down a new menace: AMAZO, a robot with all of their powers. The Flash Season Number: 5 Episode Number: 9 Episode Title: Elseworlds, Part 1 Air Date: Dec 9, 2018 Source: The.Flash.2014.S05E09

Movie: The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 (S04E14) - Subject 9

The team discovers the identity of the ninth bus meta, but she doesn't want their protection. Meanwhile, Cecile turns to Harry for help when Joe's dreams keep her awake at night. The Flash Season 4, Episode 14 - Subject 9 Airdate: Feb 27, 2018

Movie: The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - Nora

her parents and reveals that she's stuck in 2018, Flash goes off after a new meta--Gridlock--and subsequently discovers what happens to him in the future. The Flash Season 5, Episode 1 - Nora Airdate: Oct 9, 2018

Movie: Arrow Season 7 Episode 9 (S07E09) - Elseworlds, Part 2

Deagan, and meet the city's new protector while discovering that Bruce Wayne has vanished. Meanwhile, a Flash from another world arrives to warn the heroes of what they face and who is responsible. Arrow Season Number: 7 Episode Number: 9 Episode Title: Elseworlds