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Movie: The Leakers (2018) [Chinese]

mutated Zika epidemic happens in Malaysia, illegal hacker group 'The Leakers' network with Hong Kong police David tries to disclose pharmaceutical company AMANAH Malaysia's conspiracy and crimes. The Leakers (2018) Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller Release Date: Jun

Movie: Fist & Faith (2017) [Chinese]

Set during the 1930s after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, a teacher (Jing Tian) and a group of students establish a study club to preserve their language and culture as an act of protest against the foreign invaders. Fist & Faith (2017) Genre: Action

Movie: Kung Fu League (2018) [Chinese]

artist, is romantically interested in Bao'er, but the head manager of their company, who also has a interest in Bao'er, prevents that from happening. So, he summons four legendary Kung Fu masters to learn the highest level of martial arts and help him get his

Movie: How Long Will I Love U (2018) [Chinese]

A woman from 2018 and a man from 1999 wake up in the same bed. They discover they can time travel using the bedroom door, and make changes to their eras, but that their destinies may not be in their own hands. How Long Will I Love U (2018) Genre: Fantasy,

Movie: Railroad Tigers (2016) [Chinese]

A railroad worker (Jackie Chan) and his ragtag group of freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when they decide to ambush a heavily armed military train filled with desperately needed provisions. Unarmed and outnumbered, they must

Movie: Us and Them (2018) [Chinese]

Ten years ago on a train home during the busy Spring Festival travel period fate brings Xiaoxiao and Jianqing together. Like many young couples they meet fall in love and strive to make it work but eventually the harsh realities of life make them drift apart

Idris Elba marries secretly in Morocco (Photos)

Marrakesh, Morocco. The couple got engaged in 2018 and exchanged vows on April 26 at the Ksar Char Bagh hotel in Marrakesh. In true Idris Elba style, the celebrations were spread out over three days, with friends and family attending a 'colours of the Souk' themed

Lyrics: City Girls - Twerk (feat. Cardi B)

I'mma put the gang on it (Gang on it) They'll die 'bout me, they'll bang on it (Facts) And that asshole got a li'l frame on it (Ooww) Pussy so good he got my name on it (Miami) Itty-bitty-pretty I'm the realest in the city Only fuckin' with the plug Got a