ogun odun

Yoruba Movie: Ogun Odun (2019)

An unsettling murder case seems to be beginning of more surprising encounters for the detectives assigned to handle the case as there is more that lurks around in the depth of their investigations. Find out more in this intriguing movie starring Bimbo Oshin

Lassa Fever Now In Ogun, Patient Quarantined

A 22-year-old man in Abeokuta, who has allegedly contacted Lassa Fever, is under medical observation at the State General Hospital, Ijaiye, Abeokuta. The patient, whose name was not given, was said to have returned from a trip to Lagos when he came down with

Yoruba Movie: Ogun Owo

Whoever desires wealth must be prepared to be inconvenienced as wealth resides in filth. The story young man who isn't patient enough to allow destiny take it's course as he is in a hurry to become rich. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Ogun (2020)

George, a procurer used his fiancee has a bait for his top clients but what awaits him is more than what he bargained for. The game of life is a game of boomerang. Find out more in this enthralling movie featuring Wunmi Toriola, Kunle Afod, Dele Odule, Jaiye

Yoruba Movie: Ogun Ajaye (2018)

An inheritance wages war between a widow and the deceased family. When she seeks advise from a confidant, little did she know that she hides behind the mask of an untold story. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Odun Nbaku (2020)

There has been less moment of joy and happiness in the home of a young couple due to an incessant calamity that befell them but when they got wind of the source of their predicament, a heartbreaking tale unfolds. Find out more in this intriguing movie starring
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