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Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2019) [Turkish]

Separated from his daughter, a father with an intellectual disability must prove his innocence when he is jailed for the death of a commander's child. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2019) // 7. Koğuştaki Mucize (2019) Genre: Drama Release Date: Oct 10, 2019 Stars: Aras Bulut Iynemli, Nisa Sofiya Aksongur, Deniz Baysal, Celile Toyon Uysal Source: Language: Turkish Subtitle Language: English IMDB:

Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) [Korean]

Inmates at a Korean prison join forces to protect a comrade and his young daughter, who cannot bear to be separated for even a moment. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) // 7-beon-bang-ui seon-mul (2013) Genre: Comedy, Drama Release Date: Jan 23, 2013 Stars: Seung-ryong Ryu, So Won Kal, Dal-su Oh Source: Language: Korean Subtitle Language: English IMDB:

#BBNaija 2018: Housemates Up For Possible Eviction This Week

Big Brother ordered all the housemates to gather in the lounge and asked this week's Head of House Khloe to pick one chance card from the glass booth, Khloe immediately proceeded and picked chance card 4. The live nominations then kicked off with Tobi, below is how each housemate has nominated this evening. 1. Tobi nominated Lolu and Nina. 2. Khloe nominated Nina and Alex. 3. Miracle nominated Cee-C and Lolu. 4. Alex nominated Rico Swavey and Cee-C. 5. Lolu nominated Cee-C and Miracle. 6. Anto nominated Cee-C and Rico Swavey. 7. Rico Swavey nominated Cee-C and Lolu. 8. Nina nominated Lolu and Cee-C. 9. Cee-C nominated Alex and Anto. And after today's live nominations, below is a summary of how many nominations each housemate has received. 1. Cee-C - 6 nominations. 2. Lolu - 4 3. Alex - 2 4. Nina - 2 5. Rico Swavey - 2 6. Miracle - 1 7. Anto - 1 Big Brother then announced the nominated housemates according to today's nominations. 1. Alex 2. Cee-C 3. Lolu 4. Nina 5. Rico Swavey Big Brother then asked this week's Head of House Khloe to read out the contents of her Chance Card, the contents were "Immunity, no chance to save and replace but nominate one more housemate". Khloe didn't waste anytime as she immediately nominated Miracle. Therefore the housemates up for possible eviction this week are, Cee-C, Lolu, Alex, Nina, Rico Swavey and Miracle.

I Lost My Best Friend, Eucharia Anunobi Speaks On Son's Death

Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi in a quick chat with Saturday Beats spoke about the death of her son, Raymond Ekwu, whom she lost to sickle cell anaemia few days ago, saying she has lost her best friend. The actress further went to say; "Thank you very much for sympathising with me. I am going to miss everything about my son. Now, there would be no one that would call me to say 'Mummy where are you? You said you would be home by 7:30 and now it is 7:45. You are 15 minutes late.' That was how close we were and he was my best friend. I cannot talk much now because I am in the hospital but once I am free, we would talk better," she said.

Reactions To The 2018 #BBNaija Win

The official BBnaija ended yesterday with Miracle Igbokwe winning the prize money of N25 million. Africans on twitter took to the social platform to react to the win and what would have been. Here are some of the reactions below:What Miracle won:SuperSports (trip to world cup)Pepsi N1m Close Up 500k ₦1m Payporte Games.₦200k final wager.Pepsi 1 Music Africa Fest Dubai1 yr long supply of Pepsi1 yr long supply of Aquafina₦25m cash/₦12m SUV₦4.7m trip for 2₦3m entertainment set.#BBNaijaFinale— Shadrach Ajibola 🇳🇬 (@jibolaDblogger) April 23, 2018 Congratulations Miracle. You deserve so many accolades. Miracle was consistent throughout the game. Man was winning every side games. Big shout out to Cee C fans. You guys are mad. #bbnaija #bbnaijafinale— Iyá Lájè Of Lagos (@newscantell) April 22, 2018 Congratulations Miracle, Cee-C Top 2.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Love always win over hate.Team Cee-C, Team LegitTeam YoWitches AssociationSpartansYou guys are the best #BBNajia— NanaAma Boateng (@NanaPepperDem) April 22, 2018 Bad character will always limit you!eye lashes will not make you king!bad mouth will limit you!pride will destroy you!Thank you to all Cee-c fans! its becos of you Nigeria is in this bad state! continue!#BBNaija #BBNaija— FabulousMom💯😍 (@Esther75566570) April 22, 2018 [embed[/embed] [embed[/embed] As that #BBNaija channel closed, some people’s destiny got reopened again! Congratulations to them too. You are free again #BBNaijaFinale— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) April 22, 2018 There were people who decided to make jokes out of the win[embed[/embed] For all of you wondering what Cee C will become after the Big Brother, you're wondering if she will ever get any endorsements, FEAR NOT, your girl has emerged as the long-term replacement for PATIENCE OZOKWOR.No auditions needed.#BBNaijaFinale #BBNaija— PRAIZ CODEZ (@ally_praiz) April 23, 2018 Efe’s money is remaining N3500?😂😂😂 Haba!#BBNaijaFinale— Socialight NG 🇳🇬 (@socialightng) April 22, 2018 [embed[/embed] [embed[/embed] After my exams all I need is a MIRACLE so I will not Cee 'C' in my result #Bbnaija #BBNaijaFinale— Sire👑 (@IgbagoJr) April 22, 2018 #BBNaija #BBNaijaFinaleWhen Miracle drops his Pilot career and starts singing .'Issit not doktor sess'Nigerians :— Mr. Alabi of Lagos 🇳🇬 (@the_Lawrenz) April 22, 2018 [embed[/embed] Who is Collins? You better face your job. Nina and Miracle are going on holiday. #BBNaija #BBNaijaFinale— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) April 22, 2018 PHCN played their partAnd there are people who have moved on to other things: [embed[/embed] Major lesson from #BBNaijaFinale - elections are not won on social media.Majority of the people that wanted Tobi to win didn't vote!Action is what is needed, not keyboard warriors.My exact fear for 2019.— Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) April 23, 2018 There are others who couldn't be botheredRT this if you know you didn’t waste your money to vote for any of the housemate.#BBNaijaFinale— Shadrach Ajibola 🇳🇬 (@jibolaDblogger) April 22, 2018 Retweet if bbn nvr bothered u until today #BBNaijaFinale— Dimdomie_ (@Tzslim_dimex) April 22, 2018

Lady welcomes twins after she was dumped by her boyfriend for bleeding from the 5th to 7th month of her pregnancy

A Nigerian lady, who started bleeding on and off from the 5th month to the 7th month of her pregnancy got rejected by her boyfriend.. Now she has welcomed twins who she couldn't help but show off on social media. According to her, the twins spent 2 months in the incubator and are already smiling in the photo she's shared.. She wrote; "To the world @ large I can't say it all, its just been God . sometime around June we found out we were pregnant and like every normal girl would do we called d man responsible and his response was cold, later we had to involve our families , his family also gave a cold response , we only thought it was normal and with time dey would come around and all to no avail. As time went on we knew we were alone in this. Started bleeding @ 5 month on and off and @ 7 months d bleeding continued . we went to d hospital having nothing . but God used the Doctors on duty to perform a miracle surgery. We entered the theatre @ abt 1pm on d 17th of Nov 2016, the kids came out around 5pm and d doctors and their mum fought for her life. The kids spent 2 months in d incubator and God gave US Victory . Mother and Babies are doing so well. Family and friends join me as I celebrate my sons(KINGS) as they turn one(1) today. My God is a God of Wonders. Indeed he is EKWUEME"

BBNaija 2018: Cee-C reveals that she does not hate Tobi

The drama in the Big Brother Naija House continues as designated 'drama queen' reaffirmed her feelings for fellow housemate Tobi, by declaring that she does not hate him. This is coming after she paid him back in his own coin and nominated him for eviction even though  she professed her love to him. She revealed that she does not hate Tobi in any way while answering a question from her strategic partner Lolu. Aside from Miracle and Nina's romantic affair, Cee-C and Tobi's on-again off-again relationship has arguably been the highlight of the show so far. The pair have continued to keep viewers at the edge of their seats since the show started some weeks back, they have been caught arguing, making out and so on. Also, In case you missed it Cee-C wrote a love letter to her Tobi, professing her love for him. In the letter she wrote to Tobi before the eviction show, Cee-C wrote; "I love you" regardless of how "many times you put me up for eviction" and make the "world thinks I'm troublesome." The letter reads, "You don't expect people to understand who you really are, regardless I love you. No matter how many times you put me up for eviction and use abuse words on me, tell the world about how troublesome you think I am." Both Cee-C and Tobi have been engrossed in an on again off again relationship which has made many viewers stay glued to their television set since the reality show began. Watch the video below; This is so cute 😫😫Tobi and Cee c 👍🏾👍🏾#BBNaija— Otunba ICE 💎 (@ManLikeIcey) March 5, 2018

Nigerian lady visits friends and gets arrested as a prostitute by Lagos Police

A Nigerian lady whose relationship with her friends almost left her in police net, took to Twitter to narrate her story after she got arrested by Lagos Police Officers who called her a prostitute. According to the Nigerian lady @Sochiikamma, her arrest and being called a prostitute came after she visited her friends shortly after she got paid for a job she did by a client. On her arrest by the Lagos Police Officers, the Nigerian lady wrote; I'm done with friends for the rest of the year and if I call you friend, please give me till next year to get myself together cos right now I'm tired of human beings So I went to collect my pay for a job I did & decided to see a friend I've been posting. Got there & we were deep in gist together with her other friends when someone starts banging on her gate. I'm eating & the next thing I hear is "pack all of them. Awon olosho" I pick up my phone to call my mum when 2 officers enter & one of them tells me to drop my phone or he'll end me. At this moment I'm shouting "oga I'm just a visitor sir". Man tells me "you go visit cell. Oya march out". I start laughing. It's what I do when I'm trying not to cry Got outside & saw 2 more officers & all I'm hearing is ashewo oshi. Awon ole. They seize my phone & bag. At this rate the laugh couldn't hold back my tears. I know better than to argue with police officers. So I'm asking my friend what's happening. Girl is acting lost We get to the station & I'm still crying. I hear someone saying you dey cry like innocent pikin but una dey fuck like dog for money. I look at my friend & her friends but they have this straight face like 'nothing dey happen'. I know I'm sleeping in cell tonight. Some man walks in & gives my friend this very bad look then goes into the DPO's office. An officer goes thru my bag & says "see this one share of the loot. Ole oshi". My hard earned money. Begged my friend to tell them I'm innocent. All I'm hearing is chill They drag us into the DPO's office. I found out my friend & her friends hooked up with this man, did their business and stole from him. Close to $5k. Don't know how they did it. I just begged my friend to tell them I'm not part of them. She tried to but officer no gree He said if I'm not part of them, why money dey my bag. Started insinuating I'm the one who stores their loot. Some officers can be daft sha. Anyways the victim asks if I can prove the money is mine. I tell him yes. I call my client. Put it on speaker. He tells them the exact amount he gave me and what I did for him. Exactly as I told them. He was invited to come bail me. They took me out. Checked my bag, bastards have removed 7k from my money. I don't mind. I just want to go home. The client arrives. Drops his details. I drop mine. On the way out I told him they took out of my money. He turned back and demanded for the money to be refunded or there would be trouble. While waiting outside, one of the officers brings my 7k. I was too tired to be grateful On the way out mans is asking me why I have friends like these. I didn't even know what to say. I just smiled and told him it's a long story. I cleaned my mascara stained eyes and head home. Gisted my mum & sis & it's been laugh all thru. No sorry. Nothing. Just laugh I just want to soak myself in a bathtub full of chocolate while eating ice cream. I'm tired So I went to collect my pay for a job I did & decided to see a friend I've been posting. Got there & we were deep in gist together with her other friends when someone starts banging on her gate. I'm eating & the next thing I hear is "pack all of them. Awon olosho"😨😨— Shea Butter Baby (@Sochiikamma) September 1, 2018

Inspiring story of a 94 year old Nigerian sickle cell survivor and how she survived against all odds.

A beautiful 94-year-old Nigerian woman has shared her motivational story of how against all odds, she survived being a sickle cell for all these years. Ninety-four years and still alive and kicking, Alhaja Ashiata Abike Onikoyi nee Laguda's story is one that defies logic. Born with the dreaded though relatively unknown Sickle Cell anaemia at the time, no-one expected her to survive childhood. But Laguda, who could well qualify as the oldest Sickle Cell survivor in Nigeria, not only survived, she weathered the perennial illness days and became as strong as a fiddle. She regaled Medinat Kanabe with her story. There is a notion in Nigeria that anybody living with the sickle cell anaemia, more popularly referred to as SS, hardly lives beyond 40 years. As a matter of fact, when you come across anyone living with the condition, the next thing that comes to the mind is death, premature death. As a result, there is a subtle discrimination against them; they are treated differently from other people; not given jobs and worst of all, no one wants to marry them. It is for this reasons that the story of Alhaja Ashiata Abike Onikoyi nee Laguda, who will be 94 years old this October stands out like a lone star on a rainy night. Born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Onikoyi of Lagos in1924, Alhaja Laguda's parents had first lost a child, most probably, to Sickle Cell Anaemia; but because the disease was then unknown, no one paid attention. In any case, infant mortality rate at the time was still very high and hardly seen as unusual. As fate would have it, her father died before her mum could have other children, so she became an only child until her mother remarried. Amazing alertness Looking nearly two decades younger, Alhaja Laguda welcomed this reporter with the cheer and alertness of a youth. Her smiles and amazingly strong voice immediately dissipated the fear this reporter had about coping with interviewing a nonagenarian, who may be nursing health issues. Without any prodding, she showed this reporter her photos, several of them taken during her visits to the Muslim holy land, Mecca. She has been to Mecca 13 times, she announced with visible contentment. After making sure her reporter visitor was comfortable, Alhaja Laguda continued: "My dad died too early, so my mother remarried another person and had other children for him." She recalled that being sickly was a terrible thing at the time she was growing up because nobody knew about sickle cell anemia. She was always sick to the point that in a whole year, she may attend school only about three months of the entire annual school calendar. "I would spend the other months sick and at home." In a bid to find cure by all means for her condition, which the people had ascribed to the rascally supernatural reincarnation of spirit children or "Abiku", she was given all sorts of concoction. "I was taken to the hospital; then they still brought all sorts of concoction from the Igbo tribe, from Yoruba people and from Hausa part of the country, because it was a very serious sickness. I just took everything that they gave me. They would cut me on every part of my body but I gave myself to them because I wanted to live." When the illness attacked her hands, she recalled that she would not be able to use them for anything - not even to eat. When it attacked her legs, she would not be able to walk, and whenever she was at home, she must be by the fire-side, to keep her warm. "They called me abiku and several other names, but thank God things have changed today. Also, the government is doing everything within its power to enlighten the people about the disease." Left to her father, Alhaja Laguda recalled that she would not have had any education, as he pampered her, much like a jewel he was going to lose at anytime, and kept her at home rather than let her go to school. "If he didn't die, I probably wouldn't have been educated because he said I should be left at home, so that they can watch over me every time. "He insisted that because of my nature, no teacher should beat me. He would say I should be left at home even when I was not having any attacks; but when he died I had no choice because my mum insisted I went to school. That, in a nutshell, was how it became possible for me to go to school." Growing up, she said she never felt bad even though she knew she was different, maybe because nobody taunted or bullied her. Instead, she said she was protected and given a lot of care and attention. "If I went to school and it was going to rain, they would bring a car to pick me, because the rain must not touch me. I must not go out in the cold, I must not step on wet ground; I couldn't even stay where there was a fan, let alone in a cold weather. But all that is gone now. Since I clocked forty, I have not had any attacks," she said joyfully. When she wanted to go to England for Secretariat Studies in one of the colleges of secretariat studies, her mother was advised against the idea because of the cold weather but she insisted and went. "I told my mum that the God that lives in Nigeria also lives in England, and although I had attacks, I visited the hospital and got better because they knew about the genotype and gave me good care. However, I am not saying going to England is the one factor that has kept me because I had had four of my children before traveling." Asked if there were times when she thought she would die, she answered in the affirmative, relieving her experience during the delivery of her last child. "I remember when I had my last child, I told the doctor that I would die that day but he said no, that I would not die. He and other doctors on duty were on ground, telling me that they were weighing the blood I was losing and they gave me the best treatment. In fact, at lunch time I was up and doing; I even had lunch with the doctors." Unlike what many people would think, childbearing was not difficult for her at all. According to her, anytime she was pregnant, she didn't feel any pains or get any attacks. "See how wonderful God is? I also had good care." As she grew older, she channeled her strength to work and praying to God to heal her or make it easier for her. She worked with the now defunct national post and telecommunication company, P&T for many years. She recalled that she and some others were the first set of people to be trained in tele-printing by the company. "What gave me the strength is God because I am a prayer warrior. I prayed, I fasted regularly and I have visited the holy land (Mecca) thirteen times, to serve my God and ask him for what I want." On what her don'ts are, Alhaja Laguda said she doesn't have any. "I eat everything that people eat. This morning I had bread and egg. I don't have any don'ts at all. I eat sugar also. "Doctors see me and wonder what a miracle I am. I stopped having attacks since I turned 40 but they say my blood genotype still reads sickly. "I eat dates a lot also because they are from Mecca and they are very good fruits." Until she stopped going out by herself four years ago after she had a fall, Alhaja Laguda used to go to hospitals to talk to people living with the genotype, lecture and encourage them. She washed her cloths herself until she turned 90, as she never felt satisfied with anyone washing them for her. "It's either they're not washing it clean or they're not rinsing it clean; so I washed them myself." Narrating the story of her fall, she said: "The day I fell and broke my leg, I caused the accident. That day, I told my grandson, Bolaji that I wanted to wash but he told me not to, that he would do it himself when he gets back. When he left for work, I washed the cloths and left home to visit a friend. On returning from her place, I decided to take the cloths from the line but missed a step and fell. Since then I have been here. I don't go anywhere except I want to go downstairs and I must use my walking stick." Consequently, she said she is fed up with sitting in the house. "I want to go but God has not killed me, so I have no choice but live." Not being able to walk around, whether long distance or short and exercise her limbs is perhaps the major reason she is fed up with life. Said the nonagenarian, "Before I fell, I used to walk from my house here in Ilasamaja, Lagos to Mushin and Oshodi market as a form of exercise because I believe walking is the best exercise one can engage in. I walked like that until I was 90 when I fell and had to stop." Because she didn't know her illness was a genotype issue, she said she never blamed her parents. Even when she grew up and realised the cause of her perennial illness, she still did not blame them. "I didn't blame them because they were not civilised. Besides, in their time there was nothing like checking genotype before marriage." Asked how she met her husband, she laughed and said, "I had many husbands o!" Her first husband, whom she called Dr. Alakija, was her doctor, who took interest in her and married - even though he was already married at the time. "I know he loved me. He knew my situation but still went ahead and married me. I remember while attending Queens College, I was told that I would take swimming compulsorily; he stood his grounds and insisted that I be left alone. "Swimming in those days was a compulsory subject but I couldn't swim because of my genotype, so he saved the situation for me. "I married another husband when he died. I had two children for him." All the men she married knew she was sickly but they didn't care because in those days, not everyone knew about sickle cell anaemia. "They loved me so, and married me so." Alhaja Laguda called on parents with children who have SS to take care of the children very well, feed them well and show them lots of love. "This will make it easier for them to live with the disease. When it is cold, keep them warm; don't keep them at home because they are always sick; let them go to school, it is very important." Would she accept an offer to go live in an old people's home, where she would be well taken care of and have her age-mates as playmates? She said she has been told on several occasion that she should be taken to one but refused. "I don't have anything against old people's homes because I visit them when I was able to walk but I can take care of myself. I pay for every service I need by myself; I am not a burden to any child. This house belongs to me and the tenants pay to me; I have a two-storey building on this street and on the other street; so I can take care of myself. I also have some shops in front of the buildings. I think these assets are enough to take care of me." Asked how she made enough money to build the houses and shops, she said, being sickly didn't make her lazy. When I was working, I was trading too, so I had money to build the house. But this one we are in now was built by my late husband. Proud Lagosian "I am a Lagosian from the Onikoyi Chieftaincy family. We are the owner of Ikoyi but my family house is in Idumota, very close to the Tower clock. "My mother hailed from Ibadan, Oluokun side, Kudeti, Oluyole. My father is the one from the Onikoyi family; we were a chieftaincy family before but now we have been upgraded to a kingship family. So we now have Oba OniIkoyi. So now our chief has moved from Idumota to Eko Hotel side with some other family members. My dad died in 1936 while my mum died at the age of 70. I am a replica of my mum." - The Nation

"Wizkid is greater than Fela" - Twitter debates.

The spirit of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who died on 2 August 1997, has been trending on Twitter, following comparison between him and Nigeria's Wizkid. The immediate trigger for the comparison was the sold-out concert of Wizkid at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with some Wizkid fans jumping to the conclusion that Wizkid must be the greatest musician ever to emerge from Nigeria. Not so, said many posts on Twitter, most of whom said it was aberrational and outrightly disrespectful to compare Fela with Wizkid. Here are ten tweets on the debate 1. Amigo @PapazLagos: Stop disrespecting Fela by comparing him to Wizkid, That's a legend who took Africa to the world when there was no social media nor internet 2. Cinderella Man @Osi_Suave: Fela was way more than a musician. Fela was culture Fela was activism. Ferdinand @Burmese_Tyga Fela didnt become greatest Saxophonist in Africa, stood for the people, had his mum thrown of the balcony for u to compare him to Wizkid. 3. DaddyMo @officialdaddymo::/strong> Comparing Wizkid and Fela is intellectual bankruptcy. Don't do it.There are other topics you can engage in for mental stimulation. 4. Isima @IsimaOdeh Sir Paul McCartney sold over 1 BILLION albums with The Beatles. He came to Nigeria to beg Fela for a collaboration, Fela said no. Motown executives traveled to Nigeria & offered him $1m to be signed to Michael Jackson's former label, he said no. 5. FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI @Rouvafe: Which Wizkid are you people comparing to Fela? the Wizkid that cannot last a day in cell, talk less of jail abi another Wizkid 6. Ferdinand @Burmese_Tyga: Cant blame these generation tho! Music done went from "message" to "pon pon pon" beat! Thats why u rate a club artist over FELA KUTI!! 7. Ebuka Akara @ebuka_akara: Fela sang for the people. He fought with the government and demanded a better life for Nigerians through his music. They even killed his mom 8. Osas Cruz @OsasCruz Its disrespectful for anyone to compare wizkid to Fela, abeg Wizkid is doing well & We Are Proud of Him but STOP disrespecting Baba Fela 9. Isima @IsimaOdeh Anybody who says Wizkid is greater than Fela is seeking for attention. Don't give it to them. Even Wizkid knows that Fela is his great grandfather when it comes to musical greatness. One post however says that Fela"s greatness belongs to the past and that Wizkid is the new King 10. David Emmanuel @UcheTheAfrican: Yes, Fela inspired & made this path available for Wizkid. But, today and right now, Wizkid is greater & more accepted. Success is a ladder Fela Anikulapo Kuti, also professionally known as Fela Kuti and simply Fela, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre, human rights activist, and political maverick. He died in 1997 at 58.

BBNaija: MultiChoice Announces N60Million Grand Prize for Winner

With the new season of Big Brother Naija making its highly anticipated premiere on June 30, MultiChoice Nigeria have upped the ante with the announcement of N60million worth of prizes for the winner. The breakdown of the prizes for the winner includes: a N30m cash prize; a top of the range SUV from Nigerian automaker, Innoson Motors; a trip to Dubai for two packaged by TravelBeta; a home make-over courtesy Scanfrost; a year's supply of Pepsi and One Africa Fest VVIP experience; a year's supply of Indomie noodles & Munch it; and a brand new Oppo mobile smartphone. There's also a bonus prize of two VIP Tickets to watch a European Football final game LIVE, courtesy BET9ja. This season's grand prize is an increase from the previous edition, which saw Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe walking away with N45m worth of prizes. Speaking on the increased prize money, the Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. John Ugbe said:"Each edition of Big Brother Naija significantly improves on all aspects of the previous season and this year is no different. The winner of season four will walk away from the house with a N30m cash prize and a top of the range SUV amongst many other exciting prizes. The Big Brother Naija winner will also emerge as the most popular and marketable personality on the continent, as the show is known to launch prominent careers in arts, entertainment and other supporting industries." Apart from the new and improved grand prize, another major development for this year's edition of Big Brother Naija is the return of the House to Nigeria. While the location of the house has not been revealed, fans of the show have nonetheless been excited since the announcement was made earlier this year. Season 4 of Big Brother Naija returns to DStv and GOtv screens on Sunday, June 30 at 7pm WAT. The 24-hour show will be live on DStv channel 198 and GOtv 29 and available on all DStv packages and GOtv Max and Plus packages.

Big Brother Naija: Cee-C breaks down in tears, Tobi explains why his relationship with Cee-C crashed [Day 78 recap]

Inset: Cee-C during her diary session on Big Brother Naija Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 778. Check out a recap of day 78, including social media reactions:Diary sessions Cee-C told Biggie that she found the look on Housemates' when they saw her join the post-Eviction celebratory drinks, priceless. Cee-C advises Nina Nina talks to Alex about her relationship with Cee-C Tobi explains why his relationship with Cee-C crashed Housemates choose Nina as Head of House Unlike the previous weeks, there was no challenge involved. The housemates were asked to choose a housemate of their choice for the position. Biggie returned hours later to ask that the Housemate with the least or most Head of House record should be the new leader. Miracle and Nina chose Cee-C, who agreed. However, Tobi and Alex refused. According to them, Cee-C is too troublesome, and would "para" when it's time to change the batteries for their microphones. Alex, who was the Head of House before the meeting, offered to continue her tenure. But the housemates eventually agreed on Nina. The housemates eventually chose Cee-C. The housemates mimic ex housemates and guests For their task, the housemates were asked to pick a paper from the mystery hat, and mimic whoever they picked at the sound of the buzzer. Cee-C breaks down in tears Biggie isn't pleased with the housemates' presentation of task There are currently five contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize. With 78 days gone, the housemates have 6 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija house. Video credit: @Thatgidigirl.

I Return a One-eyed Man, We Drank Urine & Fuel to Survive - Nigerian Libyan Returnees Narrate Ordeal

The time was 9.10pm. A Buraq Air's Boeing 737 with tail number 5A-DMG landed on the tarmac of the cargo terminal of the Murtala International Airport and out came 20-year-old Clement Chibuzor, along with 149 other Nigerians whose ghoulish appearances told of the horrific experiences they must have experienced in Libya. Over the past two weeks, Nigerians have added their voices to the global uproar over the exposed tales of slave trade, torture and killings of migrants in Libya. Over 5,000 Nigerians have been repatriated from Libya by the International Organisation for Migration since the beginning of 2017. Each time a new batch of returnees arrive, they bring with them tales of horror from the transit country, where they hoped to take the treacherous journey through the Mediterranean Sea. Saturday PUNCH spoke with many of the returnees as they touched down on Thursday night. They told the tales of man's inhumanity to man. Chibuzor, a Delta State indigene, was just a teenager working as a Plaster of Paris artisan when his father met a trafficker, who told him he could get his son to Europe. The young lad had worked as a POP artisan for eight months with little money in his pocket, his father told him not to worry about the money. "I never thought about going to Europe. My father was the one who brought the idea. He sold his land and raised N450,000 which he gave to my 'burger' (trafficker). He did not tell my mother until I was already in Libya," Chibuzor said. The young man spent 18 months in Libya. He left the country, a hopeful man. On Thursday, he returned like a mere cargo, thankful to be back to safety. As he stepped off the plane, Chibuzor looked nothing like a 20-year-old. His hollow cheeks told of starvation while his skin told of suffering in disease-ridden cells. "After many of my co-travellers died in the desert, I was kidnapped as soon as I got to Libya. I was in prison for four months until my father sent N300,000 for my release. "In the prison, our food was a piece of bread every day. When I got out of the prison. I was on the street one day when I met a Nigerian who promised to help me. I worked in his house for some weeks until he sold me to a gang. They kept me in a cell. I was there for a very long time. I cannot count the number of people who died in the cell. "The police were raiding different places where black people were kept and I willingly surrendered to the police. That was how I got an opportunity to come back to Nigeria. "While working on the streets of Libya, if the gangs saw you, they would grab you and put you in a cell. They put you in a cell with many others where you would either be sold or made to call your people to pay for your freedom. "While I was trying to get money the to free myself from the prison, I spoke with my father two months ago. He then told me that if I had the chance, I should return home. I told him that I might die before I had the opportunity to return home because I saw people die every day." We drank urine, fuel in desert - Kelvin, 21 Many of the returnees who shared their experiences like Chibuzor, vowed never to attempt the dangerous journey again. But experts say that so far as there are few success stories amidst the deaths, some of the returnees may try again when the shock of their time in Libya wear off. Kelvin Sunday, 21, an Edo State indigene, who returned with Chibuzor, disclosed that he was in Libya for seven months. He spent N965,000 to get to Libya after raising the money with the help of friends and his my sister. Sunday explained that a friend of his, who made it to Europe, convinced him to embark on the journey. According to him, 41 of them set out in Kano for the journey through the desert but only 10 made it to Libya. He said their fate was sealed when their vehicle developed an engine fault in the desert. Sunday said, "We were in the desert for three days without food or water. We were drinking our urine to survive. It got to a point that when there was no more urine to drink, we started to drink fuel. "When we got to Libya, I was working in my burger's house. I spent two weeks there before I went to the seaside (in Tripoli) where we would cross. From Sabha to the seaside in Tripoli, I spent two weeks. "On the way, some traffickers kidnapped us. They beat and loaded us into their Hilux van, but few of us jumped down and I broke my leg. I managed to escape as they were shooting. "We spent two days in the desert again after that escape. We later saw a motorist whom we begged to help us get to the seaside. "We were camped at the seaside for three months without any opportunity to cross through the seas. People trying to cross the sea told me to avoid Nigerians helping Libyans to sell people. But later our camp was raided by soldiers, who took us to prison." He had spent four months in the cell before luck smiled on him and IOM officials effected his repatriation along with many others. I return home as a one-eyed man - Okotie, 35 Less than a year after Harrison Okotie, 35, got to Libya, he was kidnapped by some violent traffickers, who hit him in the eye with the butt of a gun. He lost his left eye to that attack. "Now, I don't know if my wife and two children would ever recognise me when I get back home. I left Nigeria a whole man but I am returning with one eye," Okotie said. He explained that before leaving Nigeria in 2014, he worked as a painter after graduating from the Delta State University. After paying N600,000 for the journey through the desert, he got to Libya where he was grabbed off the street by some traffickers who sold him for 2,000 dinars (about N529,000). "When you got to the person you were sold to, he sold you again for double the previous amount. "Many Nigerians have gone mad and cannot even say where they are in Libya right now. The day officials came to register us for repatriation, we were in a queue when one of the Libyan officials shot a Nigerian dead right there. They said he was trying to run, whereas he was desperate to return home." Another returnee, Esosa Osas, 25, who was a hairdresser before he left Nigeria, spent six months in Libya. She told tales of many women being raped. "It is either rape or death. Nobody could refuse being raped," she said. A fellow Edo State indigene, Odion Saliu, 26, said that the Nigerian trafficker who facilitated her trip lied to her. She said, "She told me that once in Kano, we were going to take a plane to Libya. I was shocked when we were loaded into a vehicle. "We spent nine days crossing the desert to Libya. I was kidnapped and sold at least three times before God brought me back to my fatherland. I am really thankful to God that I am alive." The Nigerian traffickers fueling the trafficking industry in Libya seems to have attracted the attention of the government. The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said there was a need for Nigerians to report human traffickers in the society. She said the Federal government's whistleblower policy against human trafficking would ensure a handsome reward for credible information about human traffickers . "Traffickers must be prosecuted, must be arrested and they must be known. There is a whistle-blower policy by NAPTIP; report traffickers, they are amongst you' An official of the Edo State task force on illegal migration, Mr. Okoduwa Solomon, said that since November 7, the state had taken custody of at least 897 Libyan returnees who are indigenes of the state. He explained that the exercise to help them resettle in Nigeria would continue so far as there were still Nigerians trapped in Libya. "We are using the returnees to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration in Edo State," he said. Source: PUNCH.

Man disguises as female prostitute to defraud men in Lagos

The Lagos State police have arrested and arraigned a 29-year-old man that disguises as a prostitute to defraud unsuspecting club-goers. Victor Monday who was arrested by police officers from Mushin Police Station for giving no genuine reason for being out by 12am at Ogunmokun Street, was in a female costume waiting for "a client" by the roadside when he was nabbed. He was kept in the female cell until he got busted by a policeman on inspection. His beards aroused suspicion and a search revealed that he wore a wig, makeup and also had padded breasts. A police source said he blamed his fraudulent acts on not being employed. "His mode of operation was to go to clubs at night and look for men he would spend the night with while disguising like a woman. He would dance around to attract men to himself. Whoever is interested in spending the night with him would approach him. "He would collect some money from his unsuspecting victim as part payment for his service and have fun on his bill. While they were drinking and wining, he would tell the man that he wanted to urinate and use that opportunity to run away. He said he made between N7,000 and N10,000 per night," the source said. Confessing to the crime, the Rivers State indigene said he went into crime in 2018, got arrested by the police but secured his freedom after some of his church members secured his bail. He said, "I came to Lagos last year and was squatting around. When it was night, I would look for a hidden place to dress like a woman and go to any club to dance as a woman. Men who have feelings for me would give me money, but I don't follow them to hotels. I managed to run away. "At times, I made N8,000 per day. I was going to a nightclub on September 15 when police arrested me. I told them my name is Joy, but later one of them discovered that I am a man. I do this because I don't have a job." The charge sheet against Victor who was arraigned before an Ogba Magistrates' Court on four counts bordering on impersonation and fraud, read in part; "That you, Victor Monday, on September 15, 2019, at 12.10am, on Ogunmokun Street, Akala area, Mushin, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did indecently act by presenting yourself as a woman in order to obtain money from members of the public, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 380 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2015." He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail in the sum of N80, 000 with one surety in the like sum by the presiding magistrate Mrs M. O. Tanimola who also adjourned the case till October 16.

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