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Yoruba Movie: Asakasa (2019)

Bewaji and Banji experience sweetness, true love, harmony and peace as expected of two love birds. But when a mother-in-Law steps in their home, the story changes.

Yoruba Movie: Edidi (2018)

The love and romance between two love birds is visible to friends and families but unfortunately Sefunmi never realize who her fiance is behind closed doors. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Eni Bi Okan Mi

Eni Bi Okan MI is an intriguing story about two love birds. Their love defines all odds despite the opposition and restriction from friends which paved way to series of events.

Yoruba Movie: 19 (2020)

June 19th is the day love turns sour for this once upon a time love birds. The day the man couldn't even celebrate the birth of his twins after a long wait.

Yoruba Movie: Obiri (2019)

Everyone deserves a great love story but for two love birds, it's more complicated when the sacrifices they made for each other is being used as a leverage when an opportunity reveals itself. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Ede Ife (2020)

A story of two love birds whose hindrance is their tradition and cultural differences as both parents go against a cross ethnic marriage.

Yoruba Movie: AMI (Mark) (2020)

There's about to be a crack in the sweet marriage of two love birds. Will this be the end or strength to their relationship?

Yoruba Movie: AROKO (2020)

The wedding ceremony of two love birds ends in a total confusion as no one is ready to let the cat out of the bag.

Yoruba Movie: Revisit (2019)

Looking forward to an unending love and a fruitful and happy ending, two love birds were caught off guard on the revisit of the least expected person. The depth of their engagements goes far beyond anything they had anticipated.

Yoruba Movie: ASO O BOMOYE (2019)

Story of two love birds set apart by parents wishes and a supposed friend. Aso o bomoye, set in real yoruba tradition and culture Starring Bukola Awoyemi Arugba, Dele Odule, Taiwo Ibikunle, Peju Ogunmola, Yinka Quadri, Biodun Adebanjo and many more

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