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Video: The Resident Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - Nurses' Day

administered the same drug that he fears played a role in Jessie's death, The Raptor comes face-to-face with his birth mother for the first time and Irving attempts to take the next step in his relationship with Jessica. The Resident Season Number: 3 Episode Number:

Movie: The Resident Season 2 Episode 6 (S02E06) - Nightmares

as spooky as ever when Conrad is tasked with diagnosing a young woman admitted to the hospital with extreme night terrors. Meanwhile, Devon faces his first Halloween in the ER, Nic panics over her decision to bring her newly sober sister to Mina's epic annual

Movie: The Resident Season 3 Episode 1 (S03E01) - From the Ashes

The doctors of Chastain are surrounded by new rules and doctors, as Red Rock Mountain Medical takes over the hospital. Conrad finds himself in a dangerous situation when the construction for a new neurosurgery center causes a gas explosion at Chastain. Meanwhile

Video: The Resident Season 3 Episode 4 (S03E04) - Belief System

under the care of Cain and Nic, causing the two to butt heads on how to move forward. Meanwhile, on their way to a medical convention, The Raptor and Mina get stuck in a strange town, where they uncover new information about Red Rock Medical. The Resident Season

Video: The Resident Season 3 Episode 5 (S03E05) - Choice Words

overcome by guilt at the thought that he could have prevented the tragedy. Bell, who was a passenger on the plane, makes it his personal mission to save the life of the man seated next to him. Meanwhile, Adaku returns to ask Mina a big favor, the Raptor struggles

Video: The Resident Season 3 Episode 9 (S03E09) - Out for Blood

condition, the doctors ban together to perform a risky surgery. Meanwhile, Mina discovers that Adaku (guest star Erinn Westbrook) has a dangerous heart condition that puts her and the baby at risk, and Kyle forms a personal relationship with a patient. The Resident

Video: The Resident Season 3 Episode 7 (S03E07) - Woman Down

Chastain's own is brought into the emergency room with life-threatening injuries, the staff rallies around each other to try to save her life, while disagreements over how to best handle her care put Cain at odds with the rest of the doctors. Also, Bell is met

Video: The Resident Season 3 Episode 8 (S03E08) - Peking Duck Day

dubbing Thanksgiving "the most dangerous day of the year," Devon and Irving are inundated with patients in the ER. When an A-list celebrity enters the hospital after swallowing a wish bone, Logan Kim assigns a new surgeon to the case in the hopes of garnering

Movie: The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 3 (S06E03) - The Pharmacist

Liz and the Task Force track a notorious underground biohacker, Red initiates a strategy to extricate himself from a problematic position. Meanwhile, Cooper's integrity is tested with a difficult choice. The Blacklist Season Number: 6 Episode Number: 3 Episode

Movie: The Resident Season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03) - Three Words

Nic and Conrad contemplate their past when they team up to diagnose a happy husband and wife who are both admitted to the hospital with mysterious symptoms. Bell and Marshall butt heads on a work trip when their cut-throat business tactics don't align. Meanwhile

Video: The Crown Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - Tywysog Cymru

Welsh from an ardent nationalist in preparation for the ceremony for his investiture as Prince of Wales. The Crown Season Number: 3 Episode Number: 6 Episode Title: Tywysog Cymru Air Date: Nov 17, 2019 Source: The.Crown.S03.720p.WEBRip.X264-METCON[rartv]

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