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Movie: The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - News Flash

what Iris did to her in the future that causes her to be so hostile to her in the present. Ralph and Sherloque try to trace Cicada, and Team Flash faces someone with the ability to control minds. The Flash Season 5, Episode 4 - News Flash Airdate: Oct 30, 2018

Movie: The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 (S04E18) - Lose Yourself

Team Flash tracks down the last bus meta, Edwin Guass, and discover that he holds the key to defeating Thinker. Meanwhile, Ralph considers taking extreme measures against Thinker, The Flash Season 4, Episode 18 - Lose Yourself Airdate: Apr 17, 2018

Movie: The Flash Season 3 Episode 8 (S03E08) - Invasion!

The alien Dominators land on Earth, and Barry realizes that he can't fight them alone. He summons Green Arrow and his teammates, and then the Legends, and then Supergirl from her Earth. However, the discovery of future-Barry's message forces Barry to reveal

Movie: The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 (S04E15) - Enter Flashtime

nuclear bomb, and Flash must race between microseconds to try and stop it. Jesse and Jay lend their speed to his efforts, but even the three of them aren't fast enough to stop a nuclear explosion that has already happened. The Flash Season 4, Episode 15 - Enter Flashtime

Movie: The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 (S04E09) - Don't Run

and her friend when Amunet abducts Caitlin while Thinker captures Flash. Meanwhile, Caitlin meets a new metahuman, and Thinker unveils the next stage of his plan. The Flash Season 4, Episode 9 - Don't Run Airdate: Dec 5, 2017

Movie: The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 (S04E17) - Null and Annoyed

The Mechanic discovers what Thinker has been doing to her, and Breacher comes asking Cisco for help. Meanwhile, Team Flash goes after Subject 11, who can control gravity, and Barry questions if Ralph takes anything seriously. The Flash Season 4, Episode 17

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