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"Sue me or shut up" - Tuface tells Blackface

It has become an obsession and it is not healthy for him anymore and there is nothing I can say or do to help his dilemma, so I don't know. It is not like I am giving up, but it is all up to him now. He has to free himself from that bondage.

4 Signs That You Need A "Me-Time" In Your Relationship

The obsession you had at the beginning of the relationship starts to wear off. You feel stuck and bored. You Are Torn Apart From Your Responsibilities When you are in love, you are likely to prioritize your lover above everyone and everything else.

The Sad Eating Habit Of A Victoria Secret Model..

'I hate our society's obsession with protein - if we were as obsessed with hitting our fibre needs, I believe the diseases of affluence would be greatly reduced,' she said - adding that obesity and protein consumption are intricately linked.

EPL: Pogba gets new challenge at Manchester United

"Paul Pogba is now the obsession because he's the biggest player at the biggest club, he's a World Cup winner and it should be a compliment that people are talking about it," Neville told Off The Ball ahead of Man United's Premier League clash against Leicester

Unveiling the Fela Lady's musical odyssey

Speaking on the idea behind the concept, the Ogun State-born singer said, "I have an obsession with rearranging classic songs by my favourite artistes. It's like time travel, I love the nostalgia."

Common Habits People Mistake As "Toxic" In A Relationship

If you accept them and even adore some of their shortcomings - her obsession for clean surroundings, his introversive nature- and they can accept and even adore some of your shortcomings, well, then that's a sign that things can work out.

6 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid

The Self AbsorbedShowing yourself some self-love is not bad in itself but when it becomes a narcissistic obsession that turns off other people around you, then it becomes a problem. 

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