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Nollywood Movie: Perfect Wife

Sam and his wife are not enjoying their marriage. Sam also made it worse by being turbulent and bringing another woman to their matrimonial home. These two women became pregnant and they lost their pregnancy on the same day. There is a secret behind these

Nollywood Movie: Hypertension 2

A comic movie,about a 'crazy' Guy (Agbayi), who will never give up, even if it will take forever. Starring: Sam Loco Efe, John Okafor, Charles Awurum, Andy Chukwu, Nneoma Ukpabi, Romanus Amuta. Director: Andy Chukwu Producer: Juliet Orji

Nollywood Movie: Seven Rivers

In a mysterious village, people go about their daily business calmly but unknown to most, there exist hidden in that village spiritual forces and spiritual kingdoms that are so powerful and deadly that anyone could easily be struck down at any moment. The

Nollywood Movie: School Dance

School Dance is a high school drama that focuses on the teachers and students, using funny methods to actualize their sexual desires. It unravels the quest for power, money, fame and sex which drives the students into unhealthy gangsterism, prostitution, bribery

Nollywood Movie: Ebola Doctors

This is the story of the currently dangerous disease that kills easily,spreading like a wild fire all over the place,claiming life's of Innocent people...Now we have some group of men who claim to be doctors of the deadly disease.....Who are the doctors..

Nollywood Movie: Sorrowful Tiger

This is the final sequel to Snake in the Monkey Shadow Adaugo (Funke Akindele) has been declared the winner and will represent her village in the grand finale of the wrestling contest.The tension gets more intense as the maidens went wild in search of a way

Nollywood Movie: Family Matters

Family Matters is an emotional movie that will not only make you feel the images and the people; but will also make you feel their emotions, circumstance and atmosphere. Elizabeth (Ebele Okaro Onyiuke) is a wife and a mother with a very questionable character

Nollywood Movie: Material Girls

Material Girls is a movie that again reminds its viewers that all that glitters is not gold. Lavish(Walter Anga) is a handsome young guy that parades himself in an exotic manner. His extravagant way of spending money especially on ladies immediately drew him

Nollywood Movie: Unsatisfied Woman

This is a wonderfully created movie packed with great dramatic thrills, intrigues and terrific suspense. Beauty, good fortune, popularity, fame and wealth are all enlisted in the qualities and achievements of Rihanna(Amara Igidimba), a young lady whose career

Nollywood Movie: Caged Wife

Another nollywood blockbuster movies as a young lady in her prime full of life falls into an unwanted marriage hence is faced with challenges that she never expected.

Nollywood Movie: Cash Daddy

A young pretty lady is out of job and has a huge hospital bill to pay,she then come across a man that is totally out of her league and she decides to play him for a fool. Did she eventually fall in love with this guy or it was all just fantasy? Enjoy this

Nollywood Movie: Painful Discovery

She is living in pains, a secret she would't know how to pass it across her beloved husband, but what if her husband finds out himself ? there will be a problem don't you think? Download and see what happened.

Nollywood Movie: City Hustler

A young man who believes so much in hard work but find it so difficult to make it in life ended up believing his mother is the cause of his misfortune. Production Name : Allmark Movies Producer's Name : Ephraim Arinze Onuchukwu Director's Name : Okwui Eneowoh

Nollywood Movie: King Uremma

At the center of this movie is King Ajirija, a tyrant whose reign in his community has nothing to offer to the community but only an unending nightmare which comes in form of sexual abuse to the women and bloodshed to the innocent men. The actions of this

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