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Nollywood Movie: Sharon The Destroyer (Part 2)

Daniel) is under the influence and manipulation of evil spirits of the underworld.She has been charged with so many powers to accomplish the desires of the queen of the coast and she has greatly proven to be unstoppable in her spiritual attacks on the innocent individuals

Nollywood Movie: The Billionaires (2018) (Part 2)

Desperate to leave the lineage of poverty and to hold on to their rights to the throne, two young men get knee-deep involved in the world of the occultic. They must however match up to their biggest rival, who poses a great obstacle. Casts: Yul Edochie, Chinedu

Nollywood Movie: The Ring (2018) (Part 2)

A young lady pays the ultimate price for her love with the intention of enriching a certain man. But his ungrateful heart neglects the sacrifice made, and decides to live in reckless abandon. STARRING: Yul Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje PRODUCER:

Nollywood Movie: Caesar The Great (Part 2)

murder have become the order of the day.In this particular movie we witness a clash of interest between Ceasar(Emma Ehummadu) and Banga(Zuby Michael) the two dangerous leaders of two deadly groups that exist in the ghetto. This is as result of the sudden overthrow

Nollywood Movie: The Lion Fighters (Part 2)

She's evil; she uses her position as the iron priestess to perpetrate evil in the community. She's been feared and respected by all, even the king treble at the sight of her. The youth of the community are tired of her evil and are devising a means of dealing

Nollywood Movie: The Next Governor (Part 2)

Sometimes you have to do what's best for you and your life, not what's best for everybody else. A story of power, revenge and betrayal. Starring: Zubby michael, Sam Dede, Clem Ohaemeze

Nollywood Movie: The Diamonds (2018) (Part 2)

a woman walk out of her matrimonial home?  It is good to have money and the things that money can buy.  But there is always two sides of the coin, the head, and the tails, just like the impact of money on people, there is a positive and negative. Remember that

Nollywood Movie: The Messenger (2018) (Part 2)

There is power in the tongue of a man, whatever you proclaim shall come to pass. You cannot stop it, the more you try, the stronger it becomes. This unprecedented movie takes us into the world of two lovely sisters Elizabeth(Oge Okoye) and Jenny(Chizzy Alichi)

Nollywood Movie: Adaobi and the gods (Part 2)

This movie "Adaobi and the Gods" is an astounding achievement both interms of originality and its rendering of an intriguing and mind-blowing epic. In the movie, a certain community is at the verge of being consumed by a mighty calamity owing to an atrocity

Nollywood Movie: Sonma The Local Champion (Part 2)

Sonma falls in love with a crude hunter, ignoring all warning signs.The fate of their love's sustenance is put to test when adolphus goes overboard; on a personal vendetta mission, and in a bid to keep his beloved for himself.

Nollywood Movie: The Evil Forest Hunt (Part 2)

maiden is being framed of murder, banishment into the evil forest is the punishment to such offense .being innocent of the crime she cried out to the gods of the land who sent help to her. Will she take revenge on the ill treatment melted out on her?

Nollywood Movie: Obioma The Hustler (2018) (Part 2)

be what you are not, you don't need to pretend to be what you are not to make it in life. But nothing is more painful like when the results of your hard work is not appreciated. Watch Mercy Johnson in this unequaled movie. STARRING: Mercy Johnson Okojie, Adamma

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