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Movie: Our Body (2018) [Korean]

An overeducated, disenchanted woman, Ja-young, loses her ambition after many gruelling years of studying for the public official exam. One lonely evening, a beautiful, fit runner, Hyun-joo, glides smoothly past her. Intrigued by this celestial vision of harmony

Movie: The Closet (2020) [Korean]

After moving into a new house, a young girl begins displaying strange and disturbing behavior until, one day, she disappears behind a closet. While the devastated father is left with no clue about his daughter's disappearance, an exorcist shows up to help.

Movie: Innocent Witness (2019) [Korean]

The Best Witness I've ever met. An old man suffering from depression is found dead, and his housekeeper, Mi-ran, is charged with the murder. Mi-ran's defense attorney, Sun-ho, is surprised to learn the only witness to the crime is Ji-woo, a teenage girl with

Movie: True Fiction (2018) [Korean]

An MP's son-in-law and mayoral candidate takes a trip with his girlfriend to a vacation home and meets a mysterious neighborhood boy and his friends. True Fiction (2018) // Sal-in-so-seol Genre: Thriller Release Date: Apr 25, 2018 Stars: Hyun-Woo Ji, Eun-ji

Movie: Crazy Romance (2019) [Korean]

Those hurt in love, can they really start a true romance? Jae-hoon recently breaks up with his girlfriend and he still cannot give her up. Whenever he gets drunk, it has become a daily routine to call her and act out of drunkenness. On the other hand, Sun-young

Movie: A Taxi Driver (2017) [Korean]

In 1980, a foreign journalist hires a down-on-his-luck taxi driver to take him to Gwangju, South Korea. They soon arrive to find a city under siege by student protesters and the military.

Movie: The Battleship Island (2017) [Korean]

During the Japanese colonial era, roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island ("Hashima Island") to mine for coal, attempt to a dramatic escape. The Battleship Island (2017) Genre: Action, Drama, War Release Date: Jul 26, 2017 Stars:

Movie: Be with You (2018) [Korean]

Woo Jin takes care of his son Ji Ho alone after his wife Soo A passed away. Before she passed away, she promised she would be back on a rainy day one year later. One year later, Soo A appears again, but she does not remember anything. Be with You (2018) Genre

Movie: The Drug King (2018) [Korean]

Set in Busan, South Korea during the 1970s, Lee Doo-sam builds an empire as a drug smuggler in the Busan underworld, while public prosecutor Kim In-goo attempts to take down Lee Doo-sam.

Movie: Train to Busan (2016) [Korean]

Sok-woo, a father with not much time for his daughter, Soo-ahn, are boarding the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan. But during their journey, the apocalypse begins, and most of the earth's population become flesh craving zombies.

Movie: Hitman: Agent Jun (2020) [Korean]

While heavily drunk, an unsuccessful comic book writer draws a comic about his life as a former NIS hitman, and runs into trouble when it gets posted online. Hitman: Agent Jun (2020) Genre: Action, Comedy Release Date: Jan 22, 2020 Stars: Woo-seul-hye Hwang

Movie: Time to Hunt (2020) [Korean]

While planning a heist to escape a dystopian world, a group of young people attracts the attention of a vicious killer. Time to Hunt (2020) // Sanyangeui sigan (2020) Genre: Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi Release Date: Feb 22, 2020 Stars: Lee Jehoon, Jae-hong Ahn, Woo-sik

Movie: Bring Me Home (2019) [Korean]

A dedicated mother in search of her missing son follows a tip that leads her to a fishing village where corrupt police officers might have the answers to her mystery. Bring Me Home (2019) Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller Release Date: Nov 27, 2019 Stars: Yeong-ae

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