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Yoruba Movie: Iwalola (2019)

How could love be so sweet yet so bitter between two young individuals. Will these lovebirds survive a plot orchestrated by loved ones to separate them. Find out.

Yoruba Movie: Temiyemi (2019)

The joy of every parent is to see their children succeed but the moment Olagoke's mother stands as a stumbling block to the progress of her children in life, then there is a big problem.

Yoruba Movie: Oyindamola (2019)

A virtuous and disciplined lady who tries to put a balance between her blossom friends and her long standing relationship with Bolaji finally find fate twisted around in her favour. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Atofarati (2019)

A tale shared by an aged man to two beautiful corp members birth many heartbreaking encounter which in turns reveals some hidden revelations. Find out more in this captivating and suspense filled movie.

Yoruba Movie: Tani (2019)

Patience they say is a virtue. An action taken out of anger can cause an eternal damage as we do not know the spirits that dwells in us. Hence we should always be careful of our reactions towards situations because most damage done as a result of it are irreversible

Yoruba Movie: Ariran (2019)

Ariran, she is never wrong with her prophesy. She is like a lamp that channel breakthrough to other people's predicaments but can not proffer solution to hers until the unexpected happens. Find out more. This movie stars Odunlade Adekola, Fathia Balogun, Eniola

Yoruba Movie: Iruju (2019)

Two young men fights for the love and affection of a lady with local dialect but unfortunately, the lady has more up her sleeves. Find out more. This movie features Yewande Adekoya, Muyiwa Ademola, Toyosi Adesanya.

Yoruba Movie: Erinfolami (2019)

Honorable Folami is in love with Moyinoluwa but Moyinoluwa is in love with Goke an internet fraudster. Moyinoluwa plans to get Honorable Folami off her way so she can be with the love of her life but the Honorable is not an easy nut to crack.

Yoruba Movie: Sadaat (2019)

Raised to be fierce, strong, and disciplined, Sadaat set out to challenge the cabal of the higher powers whom she lost her most priced possession to. In this mission, the race is for the swiftest, nothing will be outlive, and the saints will suffer from the

Yoruba Movie: Revisit (2019)

Looking forward to an unending love and a fruitful and happy ending, two love birds were caught off guard on the revisit of the least expected person. The depth of their engagements goes far beyond anything they had anticipated. Find out more in this intriguing

Yoruba Movie: Eniyan (2019)

A regent faces the complexities of life in neutralising a wound, carrying out an appeasement within a stipulated time and a determined and powerful native priest who is ready to carry out arduous task but his demand is way beyond material things. How will

Yoruba Movie: Aaso (2019)

A Cleric promise to send to the holy city (Mecca) anyone who knows the 3 secrets of his living. This cause a big problem in the community as everyone fights for a spot to be chosen.

Yoruba Movie: Aragbe (2019)

After an unexpected from her consultation, a married lady is left hanging in a family dilemma and her political ambition. What is the best way to go about achieving her aim without hurting anyone. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Ojiji (2019)

Struggling to make ends meet, a young couple manoeuvre their way to get a wealthy life but unfortunately they find more awaiting them in their shadows. Find out more.

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