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Yoruba Movie: Arike (2019)

Arike commits a dubious crime on her boyfriend and flees leaving him shattered. She thinks the world is an hiding place.

Yoruba Movie: Korewa (2019)

A man is gifted with an Ifa Priest as a son but he forbids it. He ignores all signs and wonders till the day he was attacked by Armed Robbers.

Yoruba Movie: Olukoni (2019)

An illiterate, wealthy and seasoned businessman takes pleasure in formal education in order to boost his business empire but unfortunately, there's more than meets the eye when he's caught off guard in something unusual. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Jejeti (2019)

A scavenger joins a clique of brotherhood for a divine intervention and a great livelihood, while neglecting the fact that our destinies in life differs from and the depth of taking desperate measures will amount to an unpalatable end. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Atunbotan (2019)

A bubbly aged woman who loves affluence constantly pressurises her daughter with her incessant demands which creates a storm in her marriage.Their individual choices boomerangs in due time as karma is best served cold. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Atori (2019)

Two young ladies find themselves rebuilding the pieces of their lives with the help of a good samaritan but little did they know that an adversity lies in the wait for them. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Ayanfe (2019)

A religious, rich and handsome young man takes an unusual step in choosing a bride while turning deaf ears to his father's wisdom words but unknowingly to him, the most beautiful faces sometimes possess the darkest hearts. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Cherish (2019)

Misfortune hits a young couple after their marriage. All efforts to know where this is coming from proves abortive.

Yoruba Movie: Mofetola (2019)

Mofetola is a successful young man who always finds love in the strangest places and he is always left heartbroken. He decides not to love again until the unimaginable happened.

Yoruba Movie: Tombolo (2019)

Having heard stories of notorious armed robbers and their down falls, Tombolo won't take chances. She cooked herself spiritually and became so powerful beyond any human. She becomes so fierce and deadly even to other men of the dark world.

Yoruba Movie: Faridat (2019)

A life changing encounter beckons on an admirable and religiously devoted couple who love and cherish their belief but when temptations arises from both ends, they are left with options to choose from. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Unavailable (2019)

A goal oriented and career driven woman who places her job far above her family is unaware of the unthinkable that is happening in her home. When will she get a wake up call. Find out.

Yoruba Movie: Repercussion (2019)

Following some disputes that made her live below her status, a young lady has to make a tough decision after unraveling some self discovery from a family she has embraced as her own. Find out more.

Yoruba Movie: Omiyale (2019)

The trails of a young man who suddenly experiences a change in tide seems endless as all effort to sought a way out of his predicaments proves abortive until a major revelation came to light. Find out more.

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