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I stopped a church bombing on Christmas Eve - Mama Boko Haram

insurgents were bulldozing Maiduguri, killing and maiming everybody in the process. It was during that period that I was invited to a women's conference where the participants pleaded with the terrorists to stop the bombings. Somewhere along the line, I referred

Justice Ayo Salami Rejects Appointment to Monitor Graft Cases.

the decision of the NJC at its 82nd meeting in Abuja. Justice Salami is said to be uncomfortable with the composition of the 15-man committee. The panel is said to include some members who had been implicated in some conflicting challenges between the bench

Don't Come To Lagos, Igbo Traders Warn Nnamdi Kanu

the East, but he has not paid a kobo to anybody. Is he bothered about the economic wellbeing of the people whom his actions could dislocate?" Also speaking to Sunday Telegraph, High Chief Egbogu Udemba, electronics dealer and a member of the executives of the

How to Avoid Plagiarism using a Paraphrasing Tool

When you look up a topic on the internet, a lot of material for that topic comes up. But if you observe closely, no two materials written by different people on that topic or idea are alike because; two people can never have the same representation of the

Biafra: Arewa Youths to Lobby National Assembly on Referendum

zone would reject secession. The group had a few months ago told the Igbo living in the North to leave the region on or before October 1. It hinged its ultimatum on the secessionist agitation of IPOB. Following a lot of public outcry and condemnation from

Akwa Ibom Churches As Parastatals By Reuben Abati

Religion was not quite a major divisive issue in the community in which we lived in the Old Cross River State in my days as a student there. On Sundays, students felt free to attend church service either within the campus or outside. I do not recall any major

Five Stages of Relationships: Beware of Stage 3

come to love, not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"- Sam Keen Have you ever gotten tired of a relationship before? Have you ever looked at the person you are with... and be like, "I'm tired, I just have to leave

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