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Everbest Jokes

A Girl Returns Home After 30 Years. Father (Angry): ¡°Where The Hell Have You Been All This Years?¡± Girl: ¡°I Was Working As A Prostitute In The Vietnam¡± Father: ¡°What? Get Out Of My House You Whore, I Don¡¯t Want To See Your Face Again¡± Girl (Crying):

Koker Songs

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I bet you never knew your BlackBerry could measure body temperature!!! You don't believe me??? Ok, follow these steps and see .. 1 Go to home screen and press the dial button, then type 6++ but do not dial. 2 Place screen on your forehead for a minimum of


Two friends, John and George were lost in the desert. They were both tired, thirsty and hungry, and as they were wandering about, they saw a particular mosque. John told George that they should approach the mosque and seek for water and food. As they were

Music: Koker - Testimony

With fans still warming up to his last offering "Okay", Chocolate City act - Koker comes through with a brand new single entitled "Testimony". This should be his last drop for the year. Produced by Reinhard. Listen Up!

Music: Koker - Bokiniyen

Koker had been teasing his teeming fans about his latest single "Bokiniyen' for the past week and he has finally released it as a double dose of audio and video together. The Chocolate City recording artist enlisted the services of latest hit-making producer

Music: Koker - Kolewerk

Here is the trending song by fast rising Chocolate City's all round entertainer, Koker. Titled "Kolewerk" and produced by Reinhard, the song is one groovy tune that gets you dancing or nodding to in no time. This track was released sometime in February this

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