How To Enable "WhatsApp Video Calling" Feature On Your Android Smartphone

How To Use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature On Android Phone

WhatsApp Inc. is about to add video calling feature to its instant messaging app.
The WhatsApp video calling feature currently in Beta testing can be tried after opting to the beta testing program.
This article includes the steps to use the WhatsApp video calling feature.

It has been recently known that the much-awaited video calling feature has arrived on the instant messaging platform WhatsApp.
Other messaging apps including Messenger and the recently launched Google Duo already have the video calling functionality.
In this article we have mentioned the steps by which you can try the WhatsApp video calling feature which is currently in the beta testing stage.

How to enable video calling in WhatsApp?

We tried this method on Android devices.
You must backup your WhatsApp data before making any changes.
Here are the steps to enable video calling in WhatsApp instant messenger.

  1. On your Android device, visit the following link:
    Open Chrome on your Android (with your Google account signed in), search WhatsApp beta tester and visit the first link or the link which looks similar to the one mentioned above.
    Note: Make sure you have used the same Google account to setup your Android device.

  2. Tap Become A Tester button.

  3. Tap Download the WhatsApp Messenger app on Google Play.

  4. Now, the WhatsApp in the Play Store will appear as Beta.
    Update the app from there and you're done.

  5. Now, you can enjoy the video calling feature on WhatsApp.

Rollback to the normal app

If you're done with the video calling feature on WhatsApp, you can follow these steps to get back the normal WhatsApp version:

  • Visit the same link mentioned in Step 1 above.

  • Tap Leave the program.

  • Go to the Play Store and uninstall the WhatsApp Beta.

Note: If you forgot backup your data earlier then you can do so in the Beta version also.
Do it before uninstalling the beta version.
So you can install back the normal WhatsApp.

So, this method was to give you an idea of the upcoming video calling feature on WhatsApp.


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