George Floyd's death: Angry WWE legend 'attacks' President Trump for threatening to shoot protesters

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The response of the US President Donald Trump to protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd has angered WWE legend Dave Bautista.

Trump gave a bizzare response on social media as turned out violent on Wednesday, May 27 in Minneapolis, with police firing tear gas and non-lethal bean-bag bullets while protesters threw projectiles.

Protesters took to the streets, stormed a police station and shattered windows, destroyed cars and properties.

Trump wrote on Twitter: Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!"

And angered Bautista replied: "The president of the United States ladies and gentleman," the 51-year-old wrote on Twitter.

"Commander and Fuhrer! And seriously?!

"You'll call governors back when you want to send military in to shoot people for looting but you won't call governors who are desperate to save lives in their states?!! You N*zi f***!".

Though Facebook takes down ads that discourage people from voting, it was gathered thay that a Facebook spokesperson said Trump's tweets, which were also posted as Facebook statuses, did not violate its rules, which "focus on misrepresentations that would interfere with the vote."

Recall that President Trump on Wednesday, May 27, threatened to close down the micro-blogging site, Twitter and other social media platforms.

This threat from President Trump came after he was fact-checked by Twitter following his comment on Tuesday, May 26, that mail-in ballots could encourage fraudulent activities.

Angered by the site's position that his tweet lacked evidence to prove this, Trump asked social media platforms to clear up their act immediately.

The US president claimed that there is a general feeling in the Republican party that social media is out to silence the voices of conservatives.


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