As soon as I get a decent job I'll leave my girlfriend and start dating my type - Man proclaims

A man identified by his Twitter handle as @SipheBravo has blatantly declared his intention of abandoning his current girlfriend as soon as he gets a decent job, then proceed to date his type.


According to him, he doesn't feel indebted to her for sticking to him during these trying times of his life. He also affirmed that if his previous girlfriend could leave him for a man who is much more financially stable than he is, then he can also do the same to his current girlfriend.

In his words:

"I can't believe my girlfriend really think that I'm gonna marry her and we'll live happily ever after. Soon as I get a decent job I'mma leave her and start dating my types TF.

People need to understand that we're not entitled to be with them forever just because they were with us when we were broke..."

Read his full proclamation below:



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