Lady seeks advice on how to leave her marriage for her husband's married best friend who is better in bed

Young lady narrates the dilemma she found herself in after catching feelings for her husband's best friend who is better in bed.


According to the lady, her husband surprised his best friend with a birthday party which ended in both parties getting drunk and making out with one another's partner.

For the lady in question, she grew fond of how her husband's friend made love to her and hopes to leave her husband to be with the friend.

Her story reads;

"There's this guy that is my husband's bestie. There friendship is so tight that no one can break it. They can die for each other. My husband has been telling me that we will do something crazy on his birthday. He threw a birthday party from 7pm to 11pm. After d party, all the guest went home remaining only my husband and I and his friend and his wife. We drove to a hotel. Drank ourselves to stupor. And we made made love. We even exchanged partners. My problem now is that I no longer enjoy my husband's disk. His friend is a genuine when it comes to screwing a woman. Even though he's ugly facially, God compensated him with a big di*k and he knows how to do it. I want to continue riding his friends di*k even if we are to keep it secret. I don't know how to tell his friend how I feel about him. He will definitely tell my husband. D urge is increasing everyday that I now see him in my dream. help me. I'm going crazy."



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