Lady narrates weird experience with a double-dating boyfriend

A Twitter user identified by her handle as @AtalaOmolara has narrated her weird experience with a boyfriend of hers who double dates.


Narrating her story, she recounted how she visited her boyfriend's house, found a lady there already and due to some circumstances she had to sleep in the house with his other girlfriend.

What surprised her the most, was when the lady called for a round table discussion and uttered something weird.

She wrote:

"Sometimes I just remember what happened to me last year and I start laughing at myself. I went to this guy's house (we were dating at that time) I met another woman, Funny thing was, we couldn't leave his house cause there was curfew,so we both slept there

The girl called for family meeting o (round table) and asked him to choose one person and break up with the other person, hmmmmmmmm, goodnight abeg.

He'd come and hols my hands before leaving for work in the morning and say 'babe, let us pray.' For my mind I was like " awwwwn, see God fearing"

Little did I know, that even God dey fear the man"

See the tweet below:



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