"After giving you your favourite styles" - Lady calls out her man for cheating on her

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A lady has called out her boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her despite giving him many romantic s** styles.

She tweeted;

"For the past few months now, my love for @thepowderguy has been challenging,, knowing very well I did all I can to save the relationship.. now I can't anymore... no one should ask why but I only know why 😭😭😭 I won't go back to #daterush to find love .. hope he comes back.

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U better explain why u cheated and give better explanations to why u missed my calls that evening.. after coming to wait for u at mccarthy hill .. really? Do I look angry for attention? Maybe I cox u do me juju 👹.. but that juju aka for girls has expired .. my eyes are clear".

"Herh !! After all the s*x styles i romantically gave u .. and ur favorite style.....Advice to my ladies s*x doesn't keep a man .."


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